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Cabinet Health is a sustainable healthcare company dedicated to eliminating single-use plastic from medicine. Co-Founder and President Russell Gong discussed the company’s origins and commitment to pioneering sustainable healthcare products and services. With partners like Target, CVS, and McKesson, Cabinet Health aims to lead the next generation of healthcare through their mission.

Gong’s background in sustainable product development and Achal Patel’s pharmaceutical expertise led to the formation of Cabinet Health. Their goal is to integrate healthcare and sustainability to address the urgent issue of plastic waste in medicine. The healthcare industry has made minimal progress in tackling the plastic and climate crisis, making Cabinet Health’s mission crucial to promoting sustainability in healthcare.

The prevalence of single-use plastic in medicine poses critical challenges, with billions of plastic medicine bottles produced annually. The environmental impact of plastic waste extends beyond pollution, as microplastics are now being ingested by humans, causing health concerns. Cabinet Health recognizes that plastic waste is a healthcare problem that requires the healthcare industry to play a role in finding solutions.

The company’s go-to-market strategy focuses on prioritizing patients and the planet by starting with over-the-counter medicines and everyday essentials. They have partnered with major retailers like Target, CVS, and McKesson to transform the over-the-counter category and reduce plastic waste. Cabinet Health plans to expand their sustainability efforts to prescription medications and medical consumables, as well as offer healthcare solutions to accelerate sustainable transitions in the industry.

Collaborations with industry leaders like Target, CVS, and McKesson have been instrumental in advancing Cabinet Health’s mission. These partnerships have been driven by a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation, with companies like CVS supporting Cabinet Health’s growth and sustainability goals. Through these collaborations, Cabinet Health aims to transform the healthcare industry towards greater sustainability and reduce single-use plastic waste.

Looking ahead, Cabinet Health envisions further growth in over-the-counter medicines, pharmacy services, and B2B partnerships to drive sustainable healthcare innovation. Their goal is to eliminate single-use plastic in medicine and promote sustainable healthcare products in every medicine cabinet, pharmacy aisle, and hospital. By staying true to their mission and working towards a more sustainable future, Cabinet Health continues to lead the way in driving meaningful change in the healthcare industry.

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