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AT&T is currently investigating a data leak that has exposed personal information of 73 million current and former customers. The leaked data, which appeared on the dark web about two weeks ago, includes sensitive information such as Social Security numbers. The telecommunications company is unsure whether the data originated from AT&T or one of its vendors, but they have not found any evidence of unauthorized access to their systems resulting in data exfiltration. The leaked data seems to be from 2019 or earlier and does not contain financial information or specific call history details. Approximately 7.6 million current account holders and 65.4 million former account holders are affected by the leak.

As a response to the data leak, AT&T is reaching out to customers and advising them to reset their account passcodes. They are also encouraging customers to stay vigilant about any changes to their accounts or credit reports. AT&T has announced that they will be providing credit monitoring at their expense for affected customers where applicable. The company was made aware of the potential leak about two weeks ago when X account vx-underground first reported it on March 17. Initially, AT&T stated that they had not found any compromise of their systems and believed the leaked data discussed was from a dataset that had been previously recycled multiple times on an online forum.

AT&T is actively investigating the source of the data leak and is working to confirm if the dataset that was released is the same as the one recycled on the online forum. In their efforts to address the situation, AT&T is taking steps to ensure the security of their systems and the protection of customer information. The company is dedicated to assisting affected customers by providing necessary support and resources, such as credit monitoring services. By notifying customers to reset their account passcodes and remain vigilant about any suspicious account activity or changes, AT&T is making efforts to mitigate any potential risks associated with the data leak.

With the leaked data potentially containing sensitive information like Social Security numbers, AT&T is focused on protecting the privacy and security of their customers. The company is committed to transparency and accountability in addressing the data breach and providing customers with the necessary support and resources. By offering credit monitoring services at their expense, AT&T is demonstrating their commitment to assisting affected customers in monitoring and safeguarding their financial information. Through ongoing communication and updates, AT&T aims to keep customers informed about any developments related to the data leak and their investigation into its source.

As part of their response to the data leak, AT&T is actively working to identify the source of the data breach and determine the extent of the exposure. The company is collaborating with relevant authorities and experts to investigate the incident thoroughly and implement necessary security measures to prevent similar breaches in the future. By engaging in a comprehensive review of their systems and practices, AT&T is striving to enhance their cybersecurity protocols and protect customer data from potential threats. Through open communication and transparency, AT&T aims to reassure customers about the security measures in place and their commitment to safeguarding customer information from unauthorized access.

In conclusion, AT&T’s ongoing investigation into the data leak underscores the company’s dedication to protecting customer information and maintaining the security of their systems. By promptly responding to the incident and offering support to affected customers, AT&T is demonstrating their commitment to addressing the data breach and implementing measures to prevent future breaches. With a focus on transparency and accountability, AT&T aims to keep customers informed about the progress of their investigation and the steps being taken to enhance the cybersecurity of their systems. As the investigation continues, AT&T remains focused on safeguarding customer data and ensuring the privacy and security of their customers.

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