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The UAE is a leading competitive model for sustainable industrial investment that is attracting global attention


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The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology achieved great achievements during the second session of the “Make in the Emirates Forum”, which it organized over two days, in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi and “ADNOC”, to add these achievements to the achievements of the first session of the forum, which was It was held last year, and resulted in great successes in the industrial sector and achieving the ministry’s goals.

During this session, which was distinguished in terms of its achievements, sessions and the level of participation in it, the Ministry reviewed the pillars of the pioneering model of the UAE as an ideal environment for investment and the establishment of industrial businesses that ensure the achievement of sustainable growth in line with future trends, and contribute to protecting the environment and reducing emissions, a session that attracted global attention and witnessed participation More than 5,000 leaders, officials, investors, representatives of companies, financing institutions, experts, academics, and entrepreneurs from the UAE and various countries of the world culminated in the signing of more than 100 memorandums of understanding and partnership agreements, and real achievements were made through partnerships, signing memorandums of understanding, and announcing billions of dirhams purchase plans and new financing solutions. In order to enhance the country’s industrial and investment attractiveness, explore opportunities for cooperation and growth, and launch industrial projects and initiatives.

Through more than 50 discussion and dialogue sessions, the works of the second session of the forum and the accompanying exhibition constituted a source of knowledge supporting the growth and development of the national industrial sector, as it dealt with and reviewed the competitive advantages enjoyed by the UAE as an ideal country for life from the social aspect, and the extent of interdependence, interaction and tolerance in which it lives. People of more than 200 nationalities, and the high levels of security and stability experienced by citizens and residents on its soil.

integrated model

During the forum, the integrated model that supports investment and growth in the UAE was reviewed, and the advantages it has achieved and continues to achieve, which have contributed to transforming it into a global center of attraction. The National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology was launched, which aims to create an attractive business environment for local and international investors in the industrial sector. Supporting the growth of national industries and enhancing their competitiveness, to reach international markets with a consumer population of 2.2 billion, stimulating innovation and adopting advanced technology in industrial systems and solutions, strengthening the UAE’s position as a global destination for pioneering future industries, and providing competitive financing and administrative services with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and transparency. Develop legislation and laws that help support and protect national products.

The forum included an explanation and review of the supportive initiatives launched by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, which support the business growth of companies and institutions operating in the national industrial sector, the most important of which are the “Make in the UAE” initiative, the national added value program, the technological transformation program and many other initiatives, in addition to Announcing the “Made in the UAE” mark, which confirms the commitment of products to the best standards and helps Emirati products to be competitive by increasing quality in international markets, as well as accreditation (Green ICV) As a new standard within the “National Value Added Program”, which enhances sustainability practices in government procurement and stimulates companies to reduce emissions, expand the application of the “Industrial Technology Transformation Index” issued by the Ministry and adopt it for the first time outside the UAE through the Center (MEXT) Technology affiliated to the Turkish Metal Manufacturers Syndicate.

Ease of establishing business

Through the regulators and enablers of the industrial sector, the flexible and simple model of administrative procedures for establishing businesses through an integrated digital system was reviewed, in addition to the supportive incentives that include reducing fees for many services, reduced prices for industrial lands, and the competitive cost of energy and electricity solutions, which enhances the reduction of production costs. In addition to the availability of integrated infrastructure supporting the establishment of factories, an advanced logistical support system supported by a wide network of roads, a flexible transport system that is working to enhance its application of sustainability and environmental standards, and many advanced ports supported by a modern and integrated network of logistical support services for export..

Commercial agreements

The pioneering and stimulating UAE model supports business growth, expansion of the scope of selling products and their competitiveness at the local, regional and global levels, supported by a wide range of trade agreements that are being constantly increased, whereby local producers can access their products to new international markets through agreements that support the ease of movement of products and goods. The country also aims to strengthen its trade relations through comprehensive economic partnership agreements with ASEAN countries, in addition to plans to strengthen these relations in Africa and South America, to double the UAE’s trade at the global level, in addition to that work is underway to conclude comprehensive economic partnership agreements with two blocs. Economists with the Eurasian region.

financing solutions

And because financing is considered one of the most important success factors, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology has worked, in cooperation with its partners from various financing agencies at the state level, led by the Emirates Development Bank, to provide wide packages of competitive financing solutions that exceed 3 billion dirhams, for entrepreneurship and the establishment of industrial companies. and promoting the digital and technological transformation of existing industrial businesses.

As part of the work of the second session of the “Make in the UAE” forum, new financing solutions worth 6 billion dirhams were unveiled, in cooperation with First Gulf Bank at a value of 5 billion dirhams, and with Mashreq Bank at a value of one billion dirhams, to provide a package of innovative financing solutions and advisory and banking services..

local purchasing power

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology launched the “National Added Value” program, which promotes the use of local purchasing power to increase sales of locally manufactured products, and supports the growth of local manufacturers’ businesses, thus contributing to achieving self-sufficiency in locally manufactured products..

During the first session of the “Make in the UAE” forum, a group of leading national companies announced purchase deals for 300 locally manufactured products, worth 110 billion dirhams, for a period of 10 years. Its value is 31 billion dirhams of these deals, at a rate of 28%. Within the activities of the second session, it was announced that a new 10 billion dirhams would be added to the value of purchase deals, bringing the total to 120 billion dirhams. ADNOC also allocated more than 20 billion dirhams for purchases of structures and metal products. Exclusively from national factories.

More than 30 projects with a total value of more than 6 billion dirhams have also been announced, including pioneering and pioneering projects in the field of sustainability, such as the establishment of the first hydrogen electrolyzer plant in the UAE..

quality industries

The UAE’s investment-attractive model focuses on qualitative industries, the most prominent of which are supportive industries to ensure food security, which has become one of the main issues globally. It contributes to creating an increasing demand for products, commodities, and solutions that support enhancing food security and achieving self-sufficiency, employing modern and advanced technology, to raise the level and readiness of existing industries, and establishing future industries based entirely on modern technology, which contributes to achieving sustainable industrial growth, and enhances the contribution of the industrial sector. In efforts to reduce emissions and achieve climate neutrality.

Achievements and successes

In order to confirm the success of the competitive model for industrial investment in the UAE, and its position as a global center for manufacturing and innovation, the “Your Destination UAE” initiative was launched in cooperation between the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the Tawazun Council and Thales, to enhance national export capabilities and support the program “National added value”, strengthening the state’s industrial capabilities, encouraging local expertise and empowering national competencies, providing jobs in various aspects of the defense supply chain, and promoting international credits for technologies, components and services that will allow support for the country’s local exports to Thales Group all over the world. Implementing a comprehensive plan for training and development, to support local suppliers in improving performance and enhancing competitiveness, and to promote the integration of local suppliers into Thales global supply chains..

The forum focused on a set of success factors that the national strategy for industry and advanced technology contributed to, which include the value of Emirati industrial exports reaching 174 billion dirhams, the contribution of the industrial sector to the gross domestic product to more than 180 billion dirhams during the year 2022, and enhancing the utilization of local purchasing power. To develop the industrial sector, as the spending of local companies in the national economy through the “National Value Added” program reached 53 billion dirhams during the year 2022, with a growth rate of 25% compared to 2021..

The forum also witnessed the organization of the first round of the “Make in the UAE” awards, in which awards were presented to ten winners within 4 main categories: Factories of the Future, Contribution to Added National Value, Industrial Enablers, Leadership and Talent, as well as, for the first time, the announcement of the “Make in the UAE” competition. Emirates for Startups”, where 24 startups qualified for the competition, out of a total of 400 applications for participation received by the Ministry, 60% of which were from startups around the world; Where the winner of the first place received 100 thousand dirhams, while the winner of the second place received 70 thousand dirhams, and the winner of the third place received 50 thousand dirhams, to finance their projects aimed at developing their businesses..

The ministry’s cooperation, through the “Manufacturers” program, was also announced with the UAE National Competitiveness Council “Nafes”, to provide more than 500 training opportunities that end in employment for citizens in the private sector, in addition to providing no less than 5 thousand new job opportunities for citizens in the private sector. By 2027, through the “ADNOC National Added Value Program,” the “Sufineen” program, in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and the “Nafis” program..

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology has redoubled its efforts to create an environment that supports the growth of the national industrial sector, by enhancing the flexibility and unification of procedures, reducing duplication, reducing fees imposed on the industrial sector, supporting and enabling innovation, entrepreneurship, startups and small companies, and opening new markets for local manufacturers in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy. and economic departments at the state level.