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Germany requests the purchase of launch pads from Sweden for Ukraine


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Today, Friday, Spiegel magazine quoted sources as saying that Germany is talking to the Swedish government about purchasing portable launchers that would enhance the capabilities of the Iris-T air defense systems that Berlin plans to send to Ukraine.

Germany has sent one of the Iris-T systems to Ukraine and plans to send more in response to Kyiv’s appeals for air defense systems to repel Russian missile and drone attacks.

Swedish launchers will help Ukrainian forces protect a larger area from Russian attacks.

The newspaper said that German Economy Minister Robert Habeck raised this issue during his visit to Sweden this week, but the Swedish government has so far refused to provide these platforms.

The Swedish Armed Forces declined to comment.

The German newspaper quoted a spokesman for the Swedish Defense Ministry as saying that discussions about supplying weapons to Ukraine need to take into account that Sweden is geographically close to Russia but is not yet a member of NATO.

The Iris-T system, built by private German arms manufacturer Dell, is among the most advanced in the world.

Fire units can fire missiles at a distance of 40 kilometers to shoot down combat aircraft, helicopters, drones, missiles and cruise missiles.