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War in Ukraine: the United States will send a new military aid of 275 million dollars to kyiv


Cover image: A US serviceman checks pallets of 155mm shells bound for Ukraine, at Dover Air Force Base, US, April 29, 2022. Alex Brandon/AP

  • Vladimir Putin promised on Thursday to continue strikes against Ukrainian energy infrastructurea response according to him to the attacks of kyiv in particular in Crimea.
  • A drone was shot down by the Russian fleet in Sevastopol in Crimea on Thursday, local authorities said, a sign of the risks that continue to weigh on the annexed peninsula. The Russian security services (FSB) announced on Thursday the arrest of two inhabitants of Sevastopol suspected of having transmitted to Ukraine information on military targets.
  • Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russian forces of intensively mining and trapping the territories they are giving up during their withdrawals, ensuring that “Mine terrorism will be among the charges against Russia”.
  • With front lines that risk congealing with winter, Ukrainians are increasingly turning to drones to strike Russian bases in the rearfar from the front, while the Russians bomb Ukrainian energy infrastructure, even if it means plunging civilians into the cold.
  • On the sidelines of the Ukrainian file, Moscow and Washington carried out a major prisoner exchange on Thursday at Abu Dhabi airport, United Arab Emirates. Russia has recovered the arms dealer Viktor Boutdetained for more than ten years in the United States, while American basketball player Brittney Grinerimprisoned for several months in Russia for cannabis trafficking, returns to the United States.

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