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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized the importance of Europe continuing to increase its support for Ukraine, even after the approval of a significant U.S. aid package. Germany and the UK have committed to sustaining military aid for Ukraine, with Chancellor Scholz urging European nations with Patriot missiles to assist Ukraine and reaffirming Germany’s pledge of a third Patriot battery. While Europe will continue to support Ukraine, Scholz made it clear that he will not send Taurus long-range cruise missiles to Kyiv. Both Germany and the UK are Europe’s biggest suppliers of military assistance to Ukraine in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion.

After meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Berlin, Chancellor Scholz and Prime Minister Sunak vowed to provide military aid to Ukraine for as long as it takes. The recent approval of a $61 billion U.S. military aid package by Congress was described by Scholz as an encouraging and necessary signal. However, Scholz stressed that the U.S. decision does not release Europe from the task of expanding support for Ukraine so that the country can defend itself against the aggressor. He encouraged other European countries with Patriot missiles to consider providing assistance to Ukraine and asked for further support in light of the ongoing conflict.

Despite the approval of the U.S. aid package, Scholz stated that his decision not to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine will not change. He explained that the responsible use of Taurus missiles would require the involvement of German soldiers, a line he is unwilling to cross. Scholz has been criticized for this decision, but he maintained that Germany has provided significant military hardware to Ukraine and will continue to support the country in other ways. Prime Minister Sunak praised Germany’s efforts in air defense and acknowledged that every country has different contributions to make to Ukraine’s defense.

The Ukrainian troops are facing shortages of shells and air defense systems, allowing Russian forces to advance in some parts of eastern Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has issued pleas for greater international assistance, warning that Ukraine will lose the war without it. The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has heightened tensions in the region, with Europe and the U.S. providing military aid to support Ukraine’s defense efforts. Chancellor Scholz and Prime Minister Sunak’s meeting highlighted their commitment to maintaining aid for Ukraine and continuing to support the country in its fight against the aggressor.

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