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Disruptive actions by climate activists at airports in Berlin and Munich


Climate activists have once again glued themselves to the grounds of BER Airport. The federal police were able to take her away. In Munich, the activists temporarily paralyzed operations on a runway.

Two weeks after a much-criticized disruptive action at the capital’s airport, activists from the group “Last Generation” tried again to draw attention to the climate crisis by disrupting flight operations. This time, the activists tried to paralyze flight operations in Munich and Berlin – and actually caused a runway to be temporarily closed in Munich.

According to the police, several people were stuck on a taxiway in the northern area of ​​​​Munich Airport. As a result, according to an airport spokesman, the runway was temporarily closed, the planes would have used a runway in the southern area instead.

According to the police, activists from the group also wanted to protest in the southern area of ​​the airport. But the officers stopped her. “They were removed very quickly by the federal police,” said a spokesman. The police took the activists into custody.

“And then we were in the runway area,” Moritz Steinbacher, BR, on the disruptive action by climate activists at Munich Airport

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This time no impairments at BER

According to the police, two activists at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) managed to stick themselves to an apron near the fence. But they didn’t get to the runway. The demonstrators had previously cut through the fence and thus gained access. Six other activists had not penetrated the site. The whole operation took about an hour.

In contrast to the action at BER two weeks ago, there were no restrictions on air traffic, said a spokeswoman for the federal police. Since the last incident, in which flight operations were paralyzed for almost two hours, the forces have been strengthened.

The “Last Generation” said on Twitter that they had informed the police about the plan before the start of the action. The spokeswoman for the federal police rejected this representation on request. No specific information was previously known.

According to the police, demonstrators cut through a fence at Berlin Airport. Two of them stuck themselves to the apron.

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Bavaria’s interior minister: “Unabashed ruthlessness”

After the protest at Munich Airport, Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann called for an immediate review of the security concept there. The CSU politician also said that it was “blatant recklessness” not only to constantly violate the law, but also to potentially endanger a large number of other people with insane actions. As an example, he cited airplanes that could not land regularly despite emergencies. “These activists are apparently so obstinate that they don’t care if other people are harmed.”

Herrmann said that the Nordbahn adhesives were suspected of “dangerous intervention in air traffic” and other criminal offenses. “The penalty here is up to ten years imprisonment. Air traffic on the northern runway was blocked for around 45 minutes.”

Criticism from Habeck and Airport Association ADV

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck also criticized the renewed blockade actions. “Protest against environmental destruction or against climate destruction is justified and it is right. But it should be chosen in such a way that people do not suffer unnecessarily, so that the public’s acceptance of climate protection is not endangered,” said the Green politician on the sidelines Visit to the South African capital of Pretoria.

The airport association ADV (working group of German commercial airports) found clear words for the action: The association lacked “any understanding”, it said. It is unacceptable if the safety of air traffic is endangered. “Heavier interventions in air traffic are rightly prosecuted.”

Attacks on works of art and road blockades

The “Last Generation” regularly attracts attention with its blockade actions and attacks on works of art. For example, members of the group blocked main roads in Berlin and Munich. The activists also made headlines by smearing paint on the offices of the traffic light parties in Berlin or throwing mashed potatoes on a Monet painting in Potsdam’s Barberini Museum.

With their actions, the group wants to increase the pressure on the federal government to take stronger action against the climate crisis. “We are directly opposed to the causes of the climate catastrophe,” the group said on Twitter. “Where are at least the first security measures like a speed limit or a 9-euro ticket?”

Members of the group are repeatedly prosecuted for their forms of protest and are often fined.