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Maggie thought she purchased a ‘toy’ puppy. But Alice kept growing ‘bigger and bigger’


A pet owner who thought she purchased a toy puppy had a huge surprise when the dog grew into a completely different breed.

Maggie, a content creator from the US, has told the story of her “big Craigslist puppy mistake” after she brought home Alice, thinking she was a “purebred Shih Tzu puppy”.

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“I got my dog off Craigslist and I bought her as a purebred Shih Tzu puppy,” Maggie said in the video, which has now had more than 103,000 views on TikTok.

Maggie said it was “pretty believable” that Alice was a purebred Shih Tzu because she was “small, very dark and fluffy”.

“But then she started getting bigger and outgrowing all the things I bought for her,” Maggie said.

Alice when she was a puppy. Credit: TikTok

Maggie reached out to the breeder multiple times.

Each time she contacted her, the breeder kept lowering the “percentage” of Shih Tzu in Alice.

“At first she said she’s purebred, and then she’s 50 per cent, and then it was, ‘Oh her grandpa was a Shih Tzu’.

“Until finally the breeder stops responding altogether – and I have this dog that is getting bigger and bigger.”

Maggie showed a picture of what Alice looked like at just a few months old, exponentially bigger than when she first purchased the puppy.

Maggie’s dog Alice when she was just months old, growing ‘bigger and bigger’. Credit: TikTok

Maggie decided to take matters in her own hands to find out Alice’s actual make-up.

“I get her genetically tested and turns out she is 0 per cent Shih Tzu, and is actually mostly Shepherd, Chow Chow and a little bit of Pitbull and Super Mutt.

“So now I have the 60-65 pound dog that’s no Shih Tzu, sheds, drools a lot and is way bigger than I anticipated.

Left, Alice as a puppy and, right, fully grown. Credit: TikTok

“But yeah, I’ve had this goob for six years now – definitely not a Shih Tzu.”


People in the comment section were gushing over Alice, despite being Maggie’s “big Craigslist puppy mistake”.

“But she’s soooo beautiful!” said one person.

“I’m glad you still kept and love her even though she wasn’t what you originally wanted,” wrote another.

“I call it a win because she is adorable!” another person commented.

Alice was ‘definitely not a Shih Tzu’ by the time she was fully grown. Credit: TikTok

Others thought the TikTok content creator should have been more careful.

“She did not look like a Shih Tzu as a puppy lol,” said one.

“As a Shih Tzu mum I can tell you she never ever looked Shih Tzu. That nose is the key!” said another.

“Do your research before you buy,” a third said.

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