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Six construction workers are presumed dead following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Among the missing are 49-year-old Miguel Luna of El Salvador, as well as workers from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. According to reports, the workers were sitting in their trucks during a break when the disaster occurred. The collapse was caused when the 985-foot-long Dali cargo ship struck one of the bridge’s supports, causing it to break and fall into the water. An emergency responder mentioned that construction workers were on the bridge during the collapse, prompting a call for a dive team.

Authorities received a mayday call from the Dali cargo ship, which had lost power moments before the crash. Despite the loss of power, the ship was still moving toward the bridge at a rapid speed. The Maryland Transportation Authority Police received warnings about the ship’s approach and attempted to stop traffic on the bridge. However, less than a minute later, an officer radioed in to report that the entire bridge had collapsed. The Guatemalan Foreign Ministry reported that two Guatemalan workers, ages 26 and 35, were among the missing following the accident. Two others were rescued, but one remains in critical condition.

The families of the missing workers are left distraught, with reports detailing the identities of some of the men and the number of children they leave behind. One Brawner Builders employee, Jesus Campos, described the horror of knowing that his colleagues were on the bridge as it collapsed. The Guatemalan Foreign Ministry has been in contact with the brothers of the missing workers to provide support and information. The accident occurred as workers were repairing the asphalt on the bridge, highlighting the risks faced by construction workers on a daily basis.

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge has underscored the dangers faced by workers in the construction industry. The sudden and unexpected disaster has resulted in the presumed deaths of six men, leaving their families to grieve the loss. The incident has raised questions about the safety protocols in place for construction projects, particularly those involving bridges and large structures. The Guatemalan workers were part of a crew working on the bridge at the time of the accident, emphasizing the risks faced by laborers in the industry.

Emergency responders were quickly dispatched to the scene following the collapse, with efforts made to locate and rescue any surviving workers. Audio recordings from the dispatchers captured the chaos and urgency of the situation as they realized the extent of the collapse. The prompt actions of the authorities and emergency teams were crucial in responding to the disaster and attempting to minimize further harm. The swift response highlights the importance of preparedness and coordination in handling such catastrophic events. The search and rescue efforts continued to locate the missing workers, while also providing care for those who were injured in the incident.

The details surrounding the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge have brought attention to the impact of the tragedy on the construction workers and their families. The workers, hailing from various countries in Central America, were part of a crew carrying out repairs on the bridge when the accident occurred. As investigations into the cause of the collapse are underway, the focus remains on providing support and assistance to the affected families. The community has come together to mourn the loss of the workers and to honor their memory. The tragic event serves as a reminder of the risks faced by individuals working in the construction industry and the importance of ensuring their safety.

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