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A new high-density neighbourhood is being proposed in Halifax along Strawberry Hill Street and Windsor Street, with a plan to construct 14 buildings containing a total of 3,656 units. The proposal, named the “Strawberry Hill Future Growth Node,” was submitted by Fathom Studio on behalf of Dynamic Properties Co. Ltd. and other investors. The development plan includes the construction of new roads, parkland, open spaces, sidewalks, and walking and biking infrastructure in order to create a vibrant, human-focused community at the gateway to mainland and peninsular Halifax. The goal is to increase density in robust parts of the community while avoiding sensitive areas, creating a mixed and diverse land use with an emphasis on walkability and connectivity.

Each building in the proposed development will offer a mix of residential units and commercial storefronts to create an active, pedestrian-scaled ground floor that serves both residents and the surrounding neighbourhood. The municipal staff has recommended that public representatives approve a planning process for the mixed-use development, as it aligns with the municipality’s priorities of designating areas for higher-density development with existing or proposed transit services. The project would be part of the municipality’s Regional Centre Plan and would support the development of affordable and walkable communities to accommodate the growing population. The staff report notes that the project would allow for more efficient use of land, services, and infrastructure.

Halifax’s regional plan has set a 25 percent growth target for new housing starts in the regional centre where Strawberry Hill is located. The financial implications of the project would be included in the municipality’s proposed operating budget for 2024-25, with the landowners responsible for the costs associated with background studies and information. A comprehensive public engagement process involving residents, community organizations, and property owners would be required if the development planning process moves forward. This process aims to inform the public about the proposal and planning process, provide various options for gathering feedback, and allow residents to influence designs and recommendations.

If councillors agree to move forward with the planning process, assessments will begin on the area’s infrastructure and environmental, archaeological, cultural, and site components. The matter is scheduled to be discussed at the Halifax Regional Council meeting on March 26. The development of the new high-density neighbourhood in Halifax aims to create a vibrant and connected community that will support population growth and provide new housing options for current and future residents. The proposal emphasizes mixed and diverse land uses, active streetscapes, and pedestrian-friendly amenities to enhance the overall quality of life in the area.

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