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Longtime Microsoft executive Pavan Davuluri has taken on a new role leading the company’s Surface and Windows divisions following the departure of former chief product officer Panos Panay. Davuluri, who previously headed up Surface silicon and devices work, will now oversee the combined group of Surface and Windows. The changes come as Microsoft is bringing the two divisions back together after splitting them up with separate leaders. Mikhail Parakhin, who led a new Windows group focused on “Windows and web experiences,” is reportedly exploring a new opportunity outside the company. These changes follow the recent hiring of AI pioneer Mustafa Suleyman to lead a new organization called Microsoft AI.

Former Zillow Group CEO Spencer Rascoff has joined the board of Match Group, the online dating company that owns popular brands like Tinder and Hinge. Rascoff cited similarities between Zillow Group and Match Group, highlighting both companies as multi-brand, mobile-first, category-leading, two-sided marketplaces in important categories. Prior to joining Match Group’s board, Rascoff co-founded a Seattle AI startup called HeyLibby and currently runs a venture capital fund in Los Angeles called 75 & Sunny Labs. Match Group also added Instacart CMO Laura Jones to its board, bringing in additional expertise to help drive the company’s growth and strategy.

Seattle cybersecurity startup Oleria has added two new executives to its team: Jeremy Korst as chief commercial officer and Shana Glenzer as head of marketing. Korst, a longtime tech leader with experience at companies like Microsoft, Avalara, and T-Mobile, became a senior advisor and investor in Oleria in 2022. Glenzer, who previously held marketing leadership roles at Diligent, Crowdskout, and MakeOffices, brings her expertise in marketing and business development to Oleria. The company, founded last year, helps companies manage employee access to applications and data, and recently announced a $33.1 million Series A round in January. Oleria is led by CEO Jim Alkove, a former chief trust officer at Salesforce.

The tech industry continues to see notable executive moves and appointments, indicating ongoing growth and evolution within various companies and sectors. The addition of experienced leaders like Pavan Davuluri, Spencer Rascoff, Jeremy Korst, and Shana Glenzer to key roles at Microsoft, Match Group, and Oleria reflects a strategic focus on innovation, market leadership, and talent development. These executives bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective roles, positioning their companies for future success and growth in dynamic and competitive markets. By leveraging their backgrounds in technology, business development, marketing, and cybersecurity, these executives are poised to drive meaningful impact and drive strategic initiatives within their organizations.

As companies like Microsoft, Match Group, and Oleria continue to expand their offerings and reach, the addition of new leadership talent is crucial to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and achieving business objectives. The strategic realignment of leadership roles within Microsoft’s Surface and Windows divisions, the addition of seasoned executives to Match Group’s board, and the appointment of key executives at Oleria signal a commitment to moving forward with strength and agility in a fast-paced industry landscape. By bringing in leaders with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, these companies are better positioned to navigate changing market demands, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and drive sustainable growth over the long term. The ongoing evolution of executive leadership within the tech industry underscores the importance of agility, adaptation, and strategic vision in driving success and remaining competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

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