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Bestselling author Anthony DeStefano of New Jersey wrote a book titled “The Story of the First Easter Bunny” in order to reclaim the true meaning of Easter from commercialism and secular culture. The story follows a small bunny with large ears who lives near Jerusalem during the time of Christ. Desperate to find help for his ailing mother, the bunny hears about Jesus, who is known for performing miracles. The bunny embarks on a journey and witnesses significant events such as the Last Supper, the crucifixion, and the Resurrection. After experiencing a miracle himself, the bunny spreads the message of Jesus Christ around the world, leading many people to salvation.

DeStefano was inspired to write this book after hearing the phrase “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” during Mass, which he interpreted as a call for spiritual receptivity. By connecting this phrase to the bunny’s large ears in the story, he was able to convey the importance of actively listening and understanding the message of Christian teachings. DeStefano wanted to create a children’s book that linked the Easter Bunny with the true meaning of Easter, allowing parents to teach their children about the death and resurrection of Christ in a way that was both meaningful and engaging.

Easter is a significant Christian feast day, but the story of Christ’s death and resurrection can be frightening for children. DeStefano aimed to use the Easter Bunny as a way to introduce children to these concepts in a less intimidating manner. He wanted to merge the secular aspects of Easter with the sacred Christian message without diluting its meaning. By having the Easter Bunny witness key events in the Gospel, such as Christ’s command to care for his mother, DeStefano was able to convey the theological significance of these events in a relatable and understandable way.

DeStefano’s book serves as a way to counteract the secular culture that often de-Christianizes holidays and imparts worldly messages to children. By incorporating the Easter Bunny as a witness to the gospel events, DeStefano believes that he can deliver the serious message of Easter while preserving the innocence and joy of childhood. This approach allows parents to introduce children to the religious significance of Easter in a manner that is both educational and entertaining. DeStefano has written several bestselling Christian books for both adults and children, using his writing to convey important spiritual messages in a compelling and accessible way.

“The Story of the First Easter Bunny” is published by Sophia Institute Press and is available for purchase at various retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. DeStefano’s book brings a fresh perspective on the Easter story, blending the secular figure of the Easter Bunny with the sacred message of Christ’s resurrection. By utilizing familiar symbols and characters, DeStefano hopes to make the story of Easter more relatable and engaging for children while reinforcing the true meaning of the holiday. Through his work, DeStefano aims to provide families with a resource for celebrating Easter in a meaningful and spiritually enriching way.

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