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Nathan Wade, a former special prosecutor in the Trump election fraud case, is now pleading poverty in an attempt to avoid paying alimony to his estranged wife, according to court documents. After being forced to resign from his role following the revelation of an affair with District Attorney Fani Willis, Wade claims he can no longer meet the financial obligations outlined in a temporary agreement reached with his wife, Joycelyn, just months ago.

In response to Joycelyn’s allegations that Wade has refused to pay child support for their two children, rent, and medical expenses, Wade is now seeking to lower his spousal support, expenses, and other financial obligations in an emergency hearing. Joycelyn claimed that she has been left with less than $1,000 a month after Wade stopped making payments, which has impacted her ability to pay for urgent medical procedures and support their children.

Joycelyn also accused Wade of breaking his promises to financially support their son’s soccer career in Europe, pay for their daughter’s rent, and help her prepare for medical college admissions exams. Joycelyn’s attorneys have even requested that Wade be thrown in jail until he fulfills his financial obligations. The situation escalated further when Trump co-defendant Mike Roman revealed Wade and Willis’ romantic relationship in court papers, leading to a subpoena of Willis in the divorce case.

Despite the national spotlight on their relationship and the allegations of misconduct, Wade and Willis reached a temporary settlement in the divorce case. However, they still had to testify in court about their relationship in the Trump case, where they admitted to being together for a time but claimed their affair did not begin until after Willis hired Wade. Judge Scott McAfee determined that there was enough of an appearance of wrongdoing for one of them to step down, leading Wade to resign the same day.

Trump and his co-defendants are appealing McAfee’s decision and are seeking to have Willis removed from the case. The Georgia Court of Appeals has not yet decided whether they will hear the case before trial. A lawyer for Joycelyn did not respond to a request for comment. The situation involving Wade, his estranged wife, and his former colleague has brought attention to issues of financial support and ethical conduct in high-profile legal cases.

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