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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has opened an investigation into the Hazelwood School District after a teenage girl was brutally beaten by another student. Bailey is focusing on how the school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion programs contributed to the safety failures that led to the violent attack. The school is refusing to comply with the investigation, and a spokesperson for the district has fired back at Bailey, claiming inaccuracies in his investigation. The spokesperson also questioned Bailey’s motives and integrity, suggesting that he values white students’ safety over black students’. Bailey responded by emphasizing the need to uncover the facts surrounding the incident and citing Missouri law that requires the school district to turn over relevant records.

The fight that occurred on March 8 did not take place during school hours or on school property, according to the Hazelwood School District’s attorney. The attorney alleges that Bailey’s investigation is based on lies and false assumptions, and questions whether the incident was racially motivated. Bailey has expressed concern about the school’s promotion of what he calls “divisive racial ideology” over student safety. He has emphasized the importance of uncovering the facts surrounding the incident and ensuring that the school district complies with the investigation.

The attorney general has pointed out that the investigation is based on publicly available reporting and the school district’s own policies. He has called on the school district to comply with Missouri law and provide the requested records in a timely manner. The school district has acknowledged the receipt of a Sunshine Law request and has committed to providing the requested records by a specified date. Bailey’s investigation will determine whether the school district violated Missouri’s Human Rights Act, which guarantees residents the right to be free from discrimination and to enjoy places of public accommodation.

The 16-year-old girl who was attacked in the viral video is reportedly breathing on her own, has been moved out of the ICU, and remains in stable condition. The incident has sparked a larger conversation about school safety and the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in ensuring a safe environment for all students. Bailey’s investigation aims to shed light on the factors that led to the attack and hold the school district accountable for any safety failures. The school’s response to the investigation has been characterized by denial and deflection, but Bailey remains committed to uncovering the truth and ensuring justice for the victim and the community as a whole.

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