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Mindy Kaling recently addressed rumors surrounding her friendship with ex-boyfriend B.J. Novak, who is the godfather of her children. Responding to claims of a falling out between them on the Deux Moi podcast, Kaling quipped that she “hates” Novak, sparking relief among fans. Despite their close bond, rumors and speculation surrounding their relationship continue to circulate, with some even questioning whether Novak could be the father of Kaling’s children. However, Kaling remains unfazed by these rumors and maintains that Novak is a great godfather to her kids.

The unique friendship between Novak and Kaling, who dated from 2004 to 2007, has often raised eyebrows due to their closeness and bond. Novak has acknowledged that outsiders often question the nature of their relationship, especially when they are dating other people. Despite this, their connection remains strong, with Kaling entrusting him with the role of godfather to her children. Both Kaling and Novak have emphasized that their friendship is platonic, although speculation and rumors from the public continue to persist.

Stars like Candace Cameron Bure have expressed admiration for the friendship between Kaling and Novak, adding to the public interest in their dynamic. Novak has spoken about how their friendship can sometimes be misconstrued by those around them, especially when they are in relationships with other people. Kaling has also addressed the rumors and speculation surrounding her relationship with Novak, emphasizing that they have a strong bond and that he is a wonderful godfather to her kids. Despite the gossip, both Kaling and Novak remain close friends and supportive of each other.

The rumors and speculation surrounding Kaling and Novak’s friendship have not dampened their bond, with Kaling expressing gratitude for Novak’s role as godfather to her children. While some may question the nature of their relationship, both Kaling and Novak have been clear about their friendship being platonic. Kaling has also shared that Novak is a natural with her kids and is a great influence in their lives. Despite the public interest and rumors, Kaling remains focused on her close friendship with Novak and the positive impact he has had on her and her family.

In conclusion, Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak have a unique and close friendship that has often been the subject of rumors and speculation. Despite this, both Kaling and Novak maintain that their bond is platonic, with Novak serving as the godfather to Kaling’s children. While the public interest in their relationship continues to spark gossip, Kaling remains focused on the positive influence Novak has had on her life and the bond they share. Ultimately, their friendship remains a strong and supportive connection that has weathered the gossip and rumors surrounding it.

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