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Samsung is rolling out its March security update for various models, starting with premium devices and now including budget models. Users are advised to install this critical update as soon as it is available for their network and device. The update includes fixes for high-risk vulnerabilities that could potentially allow malware to take over the device.

In addition to the security update, Samsung has introduced a new seamless update system, following Google’s lead. This system downloads and installs updates in the background to a secondary partition on the device, reducing the downtime during which the device cannot be used. Once the update is installed, the secondary partition becomes primary, and the process repeats for the next update. This change aims to reduce device replacements and repairs due to failed updates.

The Galaxy A55 is currently the testing ground for Samsung’s seamless update system, with plans to expand it to more devices in the near future. While the seamless update system may simplify the update process for users, Samsung’s complex update system may still require users to consult checklists to understand the update schedule for their devices.

The decision to adopt seamless updates may have been prompted by Google’s announcement to remove the legacy update system after eight years of running parallel to seamless updates. Samsung’s delay in implementing seamless updates has been a point of contention, given its significance to the Android ecosystem. The move towards seamless updates aims to streamline the update process and reduce user intervention.

While the seamless update system will improve the user experience by eliminating the need for manual updates, it may not bring Samsung’s update process closer to Apple’s one-stop-shop model. However, as smartphone operating systems continue to converge, the adoption of seamless updates may bring Samsung closer to Apple’s update efficiency. Users are advised to schedule updates during idle maintenance mode, such as overnight and on Wi-Fi, to avoid disruptions.

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