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A Michigan police union recently announced its endorsement of former President Donald Trump, making it the second police union to back Trump. The union, with 12,000 members, expressed support for Trump despite his glorification of individuals charged with assaulting police officers. Retired Detroit police sergeant David Malhalab condemned the endorsement, emphasizing the importance of rejecting Trump’s promotion of violence.

Former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn criticized Trump for honoring insurrectionists who attacked police officers during the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. Despite claims on the union’s website that Trump condemned violence and stood with law enforcement during crises, Trump’s actions on January 6th suggested otherwise. Trump initially watched as his supporters stormed the Capitol before releasing a video urging them to leave.

Conservative critics have struggled to understand how police unions could support Trump when he failed to condemn the violence committed by his supporters. Some suggest that police unions may view January 6th as a regrettable event rather than a determining factor in their decision to support Trump. Others argue that police unions may believe Trump is a better choice than President Biden and the left.

The demographics of law enforcement officers and police union leadership may offer insight into their support for Trump, according to political consultants. Many individuals drawn to law enforcement share similarities with Trump’s behavior and leadership style, including a strongman persona. Despite some discomfort among law enforcement officers, many still support Trump due to shared values and demographics.

The Michigan police union’s endorsement of Trump follows a similar endorsement from the International Union of Police Associations in Florida. However, former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, who is running for Congress in Maryland, emphasizes that Trump’s actions do not align with his claims of supporting law and order. Despite the endorsements, Trump faces ongoing legal challenges and criminal prosecutions stemming from his actions on January 6th and other criminal allegations.

In addition to criminal prosecutions, Trump also faces a civil case in New York related to allegations of sexual assault. A New York jury found Trump liable for sexual abuse and ruled that his actions constituted rape in modern terms. As Trump continues to face legal challenges and criminal charges, his ability to garner support from police unions and law enforcement remains a contentious issue. Despite the endorsements, many critics question whether Trump’s actions and character align with the values and principles of the law enforcement community.

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