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Marco Odermatt won the downhill crystal globe after the final race in Austria was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. With a 42-point lead over Cyprien Sarrazin going into the deciding race, Odermatt knew he could clinch his fourth globe of the season. Despite becoming the first person since Hermann Maier in 2001 to win four globes in one campaign, Odermatt expressed disappointment at not being able to battle it out with Sarrazin for the title. Sarrazin also understood the decision to cancel the race, emphasizing the importance of safety in the sport.

Sarrazin, who missed out on the opportunity to overtake Odermatt in the final race, acknowledged it was a fair decision and praised the season as an amazing journey. He expressed pride in himself and his performance throughout the season, highlighting the importance of believing in oneself. Odermatt had claimed victory in two out of the eight downhills during the season, while Sarrazin had won three races. The cancellation of the final race meant Odermatt secured his fourth globe of the season without the opportunity to compete for it on the slopes.

Odermatt’s success in winning four crystal globes in one season is a remarkable achievement, showcasing his dominance across different disciplines in alpine skiing. While Odermatt celebrated his victories, his compatriot Lara Gut-Behrami was unable to match his feat of winning four globes in one season. Nonetheless, both Swiss skiers demonstrated their talent and competitive spirit throughout the winter sports season. The cancellation of the final race in Austria marked the end of a challenging but rewarding season for Odermatt, Sarrazin, and other competitors in the sport.

The decision to prioritize safety and cancel the final race was supported by both athletes, who understood the importance of ensuring a fair and safe competition environment. Despite the disappointment of not being able to compete for the title on the slopes, Odermatt and Sarrazin expressed satisfaction with their performances and the season overall. As they reflected on their accomplishments and celebrated their successes, both athletes emphasized the resilience and determination required to excel in such a demanding sport. The winter sports season showcased the talent and dedication of athletes like Odermatt and Sarrazin, inspiring fans and future generations of skiers.

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