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Logitech has introduced the Signature Slim Combo, consisting of the Signature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard and Signature Slim M750 Wireless Mouse, aimed at the hybrid working population of around 100 million people worldwide. The keyboard is designed for productivity, featuring custom keys for emojis, microphone mute, and screen grabs. The combo offers compatibility with various operating systems and includes left, right and center buttons, two side buttons, and a SmartWheel for precise and silent scrolling. The numeric keypad and adjustable typing angle make it ideal for spreadsheet use, and the silent keys and buttons are suitable for use in a busy office or at home.

The Logi Options+ software can be used to customize individual keys on the keyboard to trigger specific actions depending on the software being used. Flow technology allows seamless movement of the mouse between up to three devices, with the ability to copy and paste between devices on the same Wi-Fi network. Smart Actions feature can automate multiple tasks into a single keystroke, providing templates for common actions like opening Zoom or launching social media apps. For IT teams, the Signature Slim Combo for Business offers a mass deployment solution with Logi Bolt wireless technology for secure connectivity.

Both the Signature Slim K950 keyboard and M750 mouse are designed with sustainability in mind, using certified carbon-neutral materials and recycled plastic in their construction. The devices are efficient in their energy usage, running on AAA or AA batteries with up to 36 months between changes. The Graphite version of the combo kit uses 61% recycled plastic, while the Off-White version uses 48%, making them a sustainable choice for businesses looking to boost their ESG ratings. The advanced features and sustainability focus of the Signature Slim combo make it a game-changer for the corporate world, offering a streamlined solution for enhanced productivity and environmental responsibility.

The Signature Slim Combo is hailed as a significant upgrade for hybrid workers, providing a more comfortable typing experience and improved posture compared to using a laptop. The multi-button mouse offers additional programmable features, enhancing productivity for users working across multiple devices. IT departments can benefit from the ability to mass deploy the business version of the combo, standardizing on an advanced keyboard and mouse setup. The recommended retail price for the Signature Slim Combo and the Signature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard is $109.99 / £109.99 / €119,99, and the products will be available from March 2024 on the Logitech website and other global retailers.

The Signature Slim Combo offers a stylish and functional solution for users looking to boost their productivity in the hybrid work environment. With advanced features like Flow technology for seamless device transitions and Smart Actions for automating tasks, the combo provides convenience and efficiency for users across different operating systems. The sustainability focus of the devices adds value for businesses seeking to improve their environmental impact and ESG ratings. Overall, the Signature Slim Combo is highly recommended for its performance, usability, and eco-friendly design, making it a top choice for the modern workforce.

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