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Why did Microsoft rename subscription services to Xbox pass?


Microsoft revealed its decision to rename one of its previously launched game subscription services.

According to a report published by engadged, Xbox Game Pass for PC is now just PC Game Pass.

The same report explained the reasons for Microsoft’s decision, as the giant company is trying to spare users confusion, so it explained that Xbox Game Pass alone has a separate plan with a different and varied game library. As for the other game plan on PC, it is not necessarily playable on consoles.

According to Microsoft, its Xbox Game Pass includes more than 100 console games, in addition to the Xbox Game Studios game library, which also joins on the day of its release. PC Game Pass includes a library of other select games, including first-party titles and access to EA Play.

In the same report, engadged adds, Game Pass Ultimate has a library of games that is the best, as it includes PC and console games, and also contains Xbox Live Gold, which professionals want to play with the console to get many titles for players.

Despite the separation, the PC Game Pass logo still includes the Xbox icon, so the user will be able to connect to Xbox and Microsoft in an easy way.

In a related context, Microsoft has unveiled a set of games expected to be added to PC Game Pass: Sniper Elite 5, Pigeon Simulator, the wonderful samurai from Trek to Yomi and Hugecalf Studios. YouTube Premium subscribers can get free PC Game Pass for 3 months.