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Aesthetic looks for the stars at the beginning of 2022


Sophisticated and striking aesthetic looks that many of the stars of the Arab world starred in at the beginning of 2022 on the various occasions they appeared on the social media, so in your opinion, which look is the most beautiful to inspire your next aesthetic style.

Mahira Abdel Aziz with sparkly makeup and retro hairstyle

Mahira Abdel Aziz with shiny makeup and a retro hairstyle – photo from her Instagram account

The retro hairstyle is one of the most beautiful and most popular classic hairstyles, and because it is one of the most suitable hairstyles for short hair, which gives it a modern, more feminine style and highlights the features of the face. To highlight her features, she used a glossy nude lipstick with a pink blusher, and defined her nose and features with the contour technique, and on her eyes, she painted them with a bright pink eyeshadow, and defined them with black eyeliner with intense mascara and brown lenses.

Balqis Balwafi with smokey makeup

Balqis Baluwefi with smoky makeup – photo from her Instagram account

At Balqis’ first concerts in 2022, she adopted an elegant and simple aesthetic look by styling her hair with a Wi-Fi suitable for long hair, which is a classic hairstyle that does not outgrow its fashion over time, and is one of the most options that gives you femininity and brilliance. She took care of her hair, handsome Steve, and her makeup was based on Smoky smoky eyes by combining pink and black with intense mascara and a natural eyebrow pencil.
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Asma Al-Munawar with an aesthetic look worthy of the kaftan

Asma Al-Munawar with an aesthetic look worthy of the caftan – photo from her account on Instagram

For a modern feminine look, Asmaa Al-Munawar styled her hair in a wavy style that fell on one of the shoulders, with parts of the hair lifted in a soft puff style, to match the embroidered caftan. The makeup artist and blogger Rasha Radi took care of her makeup, and adopted a soft apricot eye make-up with a modern black drawing, and defined her features with a blusher. Brown with pink lipstick for a simple and modern option.

Carmen Suleiman with a daily aesthetic look

Carmen Suleiman with a daily aesthetic look – photo from her account on Instagram

Carmen Suleiman does not abandon the natural and elegant aesthetic looks, so she adopted the wavy hairstyle with light waves with makeup based on brown tones and the addition of golden glitter on the moving eyelid, with a blusher and lipstick in a dark shade of pink; To give it a soft style suitable for various looks.

Inge presented with the long braid with glittery make-up

Angie, presented with a long braid and bright makeup – photo from her account on Instagram

In a bold and eye-catching look, we monitor Engy’s style, which relied on long hair braids with the front band in the middle of the hair tied tightly, with makeup based on a modern drawing of the eyes, through which she used a soft brown eyeshadow with a bright white color in watery eyes, and painted her eyes in a style Natural with pink blush and shimmery nude lipstick.
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