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In a video tour of her Skkn by Kim company offices, Kim Kardashian showcases a minimalist space that features furniture she claimed was by Donald Judd, known for simple forms. The Judd Foundation, which represents his legacy, sued Kardashian and Clements Design, the company accused of producing the tables and chairs that resemble Judd’s designs, for trademark and copyright infringement. The foundation is concerned that consumers may believe there is a connection between Judd and Kardashian. Kardashian declined to comment, while Clements Design stated that there were differences in the furnishings and felt blindsided by the lawsuit.

The dispute began in 2022 when Kardashian posted a video on YouTube showcasing the furniture that evoked Judd designs. The Judd Foundation relies on revenue from the furniture, and the sales account for nearly half of their earned income. After contacting Kardashian about the furniture, the foundation requested that the video be deleted, the furniture destroyed, and a public statement issued. Negotiations broke down when Kardashian’s representatives offered to support the foundation through a social media post. The foundation ultimately decided to pursue legal action.

Clements Design, responsible for designing Kardashian’s office, argues that the furniture differed significantly from Judd’s creations. They stated that the wood type and proportions were different from Judd’s designs. The company believed that the issue had been resolved, as the Judd Foundation had not contacted them in over a year. However, the foundation pointed to an invoice where the furniture was described as “in the style of Donald Judd” and included an image of the authentic dining set. The foundation wants to ensure that they are not associated with Kardashian and protect the authenticity of Judd’s work.

Before his death in 1994, Judd was known for fiercely protecting the authenticity of his creations. He criticized an art collector for creating sculptures based on his drawings without his involvement, stating that the materials used were inferior. The collector defended the sculptures, claiming Judd had agreed to the plan. The Kardashian case is seen by the Judd Foundation as an effort to protect Judd’s work and ensure that it is not misrepresented. The foundation believes that not every artist foundation has the resources to pursue such matters and views it as essential to their mission.

The lawsuit filed by the Judd Foundation accuses Kim Kardashian and Clements Design of making false claims about the furnishings in her office. The foundation relies on revenue from the sale of Judd’s furniture for financial stability. The dispute arose when the foundation contacted Kardashian about the furniture in her video and requested that it be removed. Despite efforts to resolve the issue outside of court, negotiations broke down, leading to legal action. The foundation is committed to protecting Judd’s work and ensuring that it is not misrepresented or associated with Kardashian.

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