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In an exclusive video shared with Fox News Digital, Joran van der Sloot’s lawyer Maximo Altez showed his client in apparent good health, refuting reports of a prison beating. The clip shows van der Sloot entering a gymnasium with his team, towering over others at 6 feet 5 inches. Altez denied reports of a two-on-one attack against van der Sloot, calling it “fake news” and stating that his client is fine. Despite claims that many want him dead, Col. Luis Quiroz of Peru’s Interpol said prison officials deny any knowledge of an assault.

A former inmate who spent time with van der Sloot in Alabama described him as an arrogant individual who walks around jail like he owns the place, making enemies due to his behavior. Serving multiple sentences in Challapalca prison in Peru, van der Sloot is allowed conjugal visits for mental health and rehabilitation. The choice of his team’s name, “The Clockwork Orange,” remains unclear, but may be a reference to the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film of the same name about violent criminals.

Van der Sloot confessed in October to killing Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005 and Stephany Flores in Peru five years later, as part of an extortion and fraud case. He is serving his sentence in Peru for extorting Holloway’s mother in the U.S. under international plea deal. Despite being granted conjugal visits with multiple women, van der Sloot reportedly despises Challapalca prison, calling it “hell” due to its remote location and freezing temperatures. Reports of him being stabbed were disputed, with officials suggesting the wounds may have been self-inflicted.

Aruba authorities have not ruled out the possibility of prosecuting van der Sloot for Holloway’s murder, even though the statute of limitations has expired. Van der Sloot’s lawyer previously stated that his client had been stabbed three times in Challapalca, but officials claimed the wounds were self-inflicted. Van der Sloot had his Peruvian sentence extended after being involved in a drug and phone smuggling scandal. The lawyer also mentioned that his client is willing to speak to prosecutors in the U.S. related to federal extortion charges against him.

In the exclusive footage, van der Sloot is seen entering a gymnasium with his teammates, looking healthy and grinning as he follows other prison teams. Despite reports of a prison beatdown, Altez assured that van der Sloot is fine and denied the allegations as “fake news.” While there are claims that many want him dead, no official information about an assault on van der Sloot has been confirmed by Peru’s Interpol or prison authorities. The choice of the team’s name, “The Clockwork Orange,” remains a mystery, but may be related to the movie about rehabilitation.

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