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Lauren Graham recently opened up about the loss of her friend Matthew Perry, nearly six months after his death. She described Perry as a friend and a constant presence in her life, even though they were never technically in a romantic relationship. The pair reconnected in the months leading up to Perry’s death, and he gave Graham a pickleball set as a birthday gift in March of the same year. Perry passed away in October of the same year at the age of 54, with a toxicology report revealing his death was caused by the acute effects of ketamine.

Perry had been open about his struggles with substance abuse throughout his career, especially during his time on Friends. He wrote in his memoir about using ketamine to ease pain and help with depression, although he ultimately decided it was not for him. Despite his struggles, he was proud of the impact his memoir had and how it could potentially help others going through similar experiences. Graham expressed comfort in knowing that Perry was happy with how his book was received and the positive impact it had on others.

Graham recounted her deep connection with Perry during a book event, noting that he was a source of joy and laughter in her life. She remembered the fun times they shared together, and the happiness he brought those around him. She shared that Perry’s successful work and impact on others was something to be thankful for, as it leaves a positive legacy behind.

Perry’s death was ruled an accident, with drowning, coronary artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine also listed as contributing factors. Despite his struggles, Perry continued to strive for personal growth and connection with others. Graham spoke about the struggles Perry faced and the impact he had on those around him, highlighting the importance of discussing mental health and addiction openly and honestly.

Graham reflected on the ups and downs of Perry’s life, including his battle with substance abuse and mental health issues. She shared the joy and laughter Perry brought into her life, emphasizing the positive impact he had on those around him. She expressed gratitude for his work and the legacy he left behind, as well as the importance of acknowledging the struggles and challenges faced by those dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

In the months leading up to his death, Perry and Graham rekindled their friendship and shared moments of laughter and joy together. Graham fondly remembered the times they shared, and the happiness Perry brought into her life. Despite the challenges Perry faced, Graham emphasized the positive impact he had on others and the importance of discussing mental health and addiction openly and honestly. She expressed gratitude for Perry’s work and legacy, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and addressing these issues in society.

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