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Lady Gaga hosted a standing room only event at NYA studios in Hollywood to premiere her film “Gaga Chromatica Ball.” The evening featured a Q&A session with Gaga moderated by Scott Evans of Access Hollywood, during which Gaga discussed her upcoming seventh album, her appreciation for her fans, and a previously undisclosed struggle with COVID. The film captures Gaga’s live concert at Dodger Stadium, featuring hits such as “Bad Romance,” “Shallow,” and “Stupid Love,” ending with her Oscar-nominated song “Hold My Hand.”

Gaga first announced the film in June 2023, expressing her dedication to bringing her vision to life in collaboration with her team. The ball celebrated Gaga’s album “Chromatica,” released in 2020 as a tribute to dancing and partying during a time of limited social gatherings. The concert showcased Gaga’s resilience and determination in continuing to perform despite the challenges of the pandemic, with a focus on the album that held personal significance to her.

The event was attended by celebrities and fans, creating a vibrant and supportive atmosphere throughout the evening. Gaga emphasized her gratitude for her fans, who make her feel less isolated in the music industry, and shared a personal story of performing while ill with COVID to avoid disappointing her audience. The film captures not only the energy of the concert but also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process and dedication of Gaga and her team.

The film’s executive producers include Gaga’s longtime manager Bobby Campbell, Live Nation touring chief Arthur Fogel, and Interscope Records’ John Janick and Steve Berman. The creative team also includes her longtime hair and makeup artists, highlighting the collaborative effort and attention to detail in bringing the film to life. The film will premiere on HBO on May 25 and will be available for streaming on Max, allowing fans to experience the concert and the personal journey of Gaga and her team.

Gaga’s commitment to her music and her fans is evident throughout the event, with a focus on creating a dance party atmosphere for all attendees. Despite the challenges and setbacks she faced, Gaga remained dedicated to sharing her music and message with her audience, emphasizing the healing power of music and the connection it creates. As the credits rolled and the audience cheered, it was clear that Gaga’s mission to bring joy and positivity through her art had been accomplished, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended the premiere event.

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