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Bachelor Nation’s Lace Morris shared her struggles with coparenting with Ryan John Nelson, revealing that their relationship during her pregnancy was difficult. The couple is currently living together in Denver but plans to live separately while trying to coparent awkwardly. Morris expressed the challenges of finding a new place to live while also adjusting to motherhood and coparenting. She admitted that some days are harder than others and that she doesn’t have the perfect family picture she had envisioned.

Morris and Nelson were in a new relationship when they found out they were expecting a baby. They both decided to keep the baby despite their initial fears and uncertainties. Morris shared how Nelson has been present in their son’s life since his birth and is trying to be a good dad. Despite the challenges, Morris expressed her gratitude for Nelson’s involvement in their son’s life. She announced the birth of her son Liam Lee earlier this month, sharing her excitement and disbelief at becoming a mother.

In August 2023, Morris announced her pregnancy on social media, sharing her excitement for the upcoming arrival of her baby boy. She also shared sweet moments of her pregnancy journey, including her mom sending flowers to her work to reveal the gender of the baby. Bachelor Nation first met Morris in 2016 when she competed on The Bachelor and later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, where she got engaged but later broke up with her fiancé. She returned to reality TV in 2022 but left the show single.

Despite the challenges of coparenting and navigating a new living situation, Morris expressed her gratitude for the support and involvement of Nelson in their son’s life. She continues to adjust to motherhood and coparenting while also finding a new place to live. Morris shared her journey of unexpected pregnancy, facing fears, and ultimately embracing motherhood with optimism and gratitude. Despite the difficulties, she remains focused on doing what is best for her son and creating a positive coparenting relationship with Nelson.

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