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Kristin Cavallari and her boyfriend, Mark Estes, recently attended the Stagecoach music festival where they showed off their couple style. In a post on Instagram, Cavallari shared a photo of the two of them wearing matching denim outfits. She wore a jean vest and miniskirt paired with a black belt and accessories, while Estes sported a denim jacket and blue jeans with a cowboy hat and necklace. They were also seen enjoying a concert with friends at the festival, with Cavallari in a white halter top and Estes in a green tank top, both matching with cowboy hats.

The couple has been together since February, when Cavallari first posted a photo with Estes on Instagram. Despite their 13-year age gap, they have received both support and criticism from fans. Some commented on the age difference, with one user calling Cavallari’s relationship her “cougar era.” However, Estes addressed the criticism in an interview with E! News, stating that their happiness is the most important thing in their relationship.

Cavallari’s social media posts from the festival also included images of the couple packing on the PDA in front of a ferris wheel, showing their affection for each other. The photos showcased their coordinated festival fashion, with Cavallari adding a pop of color to her outfit with a blue and brown flannel top. The couple appeared to be enjoying themselves at the festival, spending time with friends and soaking in the music and atmosphere.

With their matching denim looks and coordinated outfits, Cavallari and Estes displayed their couple style at the Stagecoach music festival. Cavallari’s glam look included dark eyeshadow and pink lips, while Estes kept it casual with a green tank top and cowboy hat. Despite the age gap between them, the couple seemed happy and in love, sharing moments of affection and enjoyment at the festival.

Cavallari captioned the photos with a reference to the festival, indicating that they were having a good time together. Their relationship has been the subject of speculation and commentary from fans, with some expressing support for the couple while others questioned the age difference. However, Cavallari and Estes have remained focused on their happiness together, with Estes emphasizing the importance of their relationship and mutual joy. Their shared experiences at the festival showcased their bond and connection as a couple, demonstrating that age is just a number when it comes to love and companionship.

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