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Virginia Tech women’s basketball team, led by head coach Kenny Brooks, had been a force to be reckoned with in recent years, making it to the Final Four last season. However, their chances at a national championship were derailed when star player Elizabeth Kitley suffered an ACL tear, leading to an early exit from the NCAA tournament. Brooks recently announced his departure from the program to take on a new role at the University of Kentucky, leaving behind a successful tenure with the Hokies.

Despite the setback, the Virginia Tech program has seen significant growth under Brooks’ leadership, with four straight tournament berths and impressive records over the past few seasons. The departure of key players like Elizabeth Kitley, Cayla King, and potentially Georgia Amoore, leaves a void in the team that will need to be filled by incoming recruits or transfers. The program’s success has elevated its status on campus, turning players into local celebrities and bringing attention to women’s basketball at Virginia Tech.

Brooks had built a strong bond with his players, particularly Georgia Amoore, who he has mentored throughout her collegiate career. Amoore’s future with the program remains uncertain despite having an extra year of eligibility due to the COVID-19 waiver. Her decision to stay or leave for the WNBA could impact the team’s performance going forward. Additionally, the search for a new head coach at Virginia Tech will be crucial in maintaining the team’s competitive edge in a tough ACC conference.

Kentucky, where Brooks is headed, has struggled in recent years to compete in the SEC, with only a handful of conference wins in the past couple of seasons. Brooks will be tasked with reviving the program and elevating it to the level of conference powerhouses like South Carolina and LSU. His departure from Virginia Tech marks the end of an era for the Hokies, who must now focus on rebuilding and finding a new leader to guide them to continued success on the court.

The success of the Virginia Tech women’s basketball program under Brooks has raised the profile of the team and generated excitement among fans and students. The departure of key players and the head coach presents a challenge for the program, but the foundation that has been laid in recent years provides a strong base for future success. The coaching search and decisions made in the upcoming months will be critical in shaping the team’s direction and maintaining its competitiveness in the ACC.

Overall, the Virginia Tech women’s basketball program faces a period of transition following the exit of head coach Kenny Brooks and key players. The legacy that Brooks leaves behind, along with the achievements of the team in recent seasons, set a high standard for future success. As the program looks to the future, finding the right leadership and nurturing the talent of incoming players will be essential in continuing the upward trajectory of Virginia Tech women’s basketball.

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