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Scheana Shay has been accused of tracking 56 people’s locations, including that of Katie Maloney, who was not happy about it. In a sneak peek of an upcoming episode, Katie and Ariana Madix discussed how Scheana tracked Max Boyens after a night out, leading to rumors about Katie’s behavior. Katie felt her privacy was invaded and expressed discomfort with Scheana’s actions. The situation escalated when Brock Davies confronted Katie about allegedly hooking up with Max, who is Schwartz’s best friend, after tracking their locations.

Despite the drama, Katie had no regrets about the hookup and mentioned how Schwartz had previously not cared about her feelings during their separation. Schwartz also shared updates on his friendship with Max, revealing that Max had apologized for the situation. However, there were jokes about the circumstances of the hookup, with Schwartz and others speculating about the events leading up to it. Katie denied being the one to initiate the interest and expressed surprise at Max’s behavior.

Max Boyens joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules during season 8 and had a brief relationship with fellow cast member Dayna Kathan before they broke up. Dayna has since formed a friendship with Katie and cohosts a podcast with her called “Disrespectfully.” The podcast addressed the drama between Katie and Max, promising to discuss it in an upcoming episode. Fans can catch Vanderpump Rules on Bravo or stream it on Peacock.

The situation involving Scheana, Katie, Max, and Schwartz has caused tension within the group. Katie felt her privacy was invaded when Scheana tracked Max’s location and shared her suspicions with others. Brock’s confrontation with Schwartz about Katie’s alleged hookup with Max added another layer of drama to the situation. Despite the fallout, Katie stood by her actions and emphasized that she had no regrets about the hookup.

The situation may continue to play out on future episodes of Vanderpump Rules, with more details about the hookup and its aftermath likely to be revealed. The involvement of Dayna in the drama adds another interesting element to the story, as she navigates her friendships with both Katie and Max. Overall, the controversy surrounding the tracking of locations, the hookup between Katie and Max, and the fallout within the group have intensified the drama on the reality show. Fans will have to stay tuned to see how the situation unfolds in upcoming episodes.

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