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John Bolton, former national security adviser to ex-President Donald Trump, raised concerns about U.S. national security amidst the surge of migrants at the southern border. With immigration becoming a core issue leading up to the 2024 presidential election, President Joe Biden has faced criticism over his handling of the situation. In December alone, around 300,000 migrants entered the country from Mexico, prompting calls for action from lawmakers. Bolton fears that the open border could be exploited by criminal drug cartels, terrorists, and foreign espionage agents, potentially leading to the smuggling of chemical and biological weapons.

Bolton voiced worries about the ease with which individuals can enter the country illegally, and highlighted the increasing number of encounters with Chinese nationals at the border. He suggested that among the migrants seeking economic opportunities, there could be potentially dangerous individuals like intelligence agents or those smuggling weapons. Bolton emphasized that the real concern lies not in the volume of illegal immigration, but in who might be entering the country without proper vetting. He called for a shift towards more controlled legal immigration, where the U.S. decides who can enter rather than leaving it to chance.

While Bolton criticized both Trump and Biden as unsuitable for re-election, he commended Trump’s border policies for establishing deterrence against illegal immigration. According to Bolton, imposing consequences for attempting to enter the country illegally can dissuade potential migrants from making the journey in the first place. He criticized Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for rolling back Trump’s policies, which he believes led to a perception of increased leniency and encouraged more migrants to attempt crossing the border. By reinstating a sense of futility in illegal border crossings, Bolton believes the influx of migrants can be curbed effectively.

In his interview with Newsweek, Bolton emphasized the importance of maintaining border security as an essential component of national security. He warned of the potential risks posed by uncontrolled borders, such as the possibility of terrorist infiltration or the smuggling of dangerous weapons. Bolton suggested that a more proactive approach to border control, coupled with a focus on legal immigration, could help address these security concerns. By strengthening deterrence measures and ensuring that the U.S. has control over who enters the country, Bolton believes that national security can be better safeguarded.

The issue of immigration and border security is expected to remain prominent leading up to the 2024 presidential election. With ongoing debates over the most effective policies for managing the southern border, the perspectives of figures like John Bolton add to the discourse surrounding these critical issues. As the Biden administration continues to navigate the challenges posed by increased migrant crossings and potential security threats, the need for comprehensive and strategic border policies remains a key priority. It is essential to balance humanitarian considerations with national security imperatives in order to address the complex dynamics of illegal immigration at the southern border.

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