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The estranged husband of Ruby Franke, a Utah family vlogger convicted of child abuse, alleged that her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, was possessed. Kevin Franke claimed to be Hildebrandt’s “resident exorcist” during the time she stayed in their house. Both women were arrested after one of Franke’s sons was found emaciated with open wounds and bound with duct tape. In an interview, Kevin Franke described witnessing Hildebrandt going into possession mode and talking in different voices, with the voices claiming she was Satan’s bride.

The Franke family rose to prominence on YouTube with their channel “8 Passengers,” amassing 2.3 million subscribers. Ruby Franke’s strict parenting style raised concerns among viewers and neighbors before their arrests. Hildebrandt’s life-coaching service, ConneXions, faced scrutiny for isolating clients from loved ones and destroying marriages. Kevin Franke explained that he became involved with ConneXions in 2020 at the urging of his wife and a friend. Initially, the marriage seemed strengthened by the meetings, but things changed in March 2021 when Hildebrandt claimed to be tormented by shadow figures.

By April 2021, Hildebrandt reached out for help, leading to Kevin Franke reluctantly agreeing to take her into their home. He witnessed strange occurrences and became the resident exorcist trying to help her. As Ruby Franke also began experiencing trances, Kevin Franke grew suspicious of Hildebrandt, prompting Ruby Franke to ask for a separation in July 2022. Kevin Franke claimed every week became psychological hell after he moved out, as he needed Jodi’s approval to get back into his house. Ruby Franke’s lawyers explained during the trial that she had been systematically isolated from her family by Hildebrandt, leading to a distorted sense of morality under her influence.

As the child abuse case unfolded in court, Ruby Franke admitted to following guidance that led her into a dark delusion, with a distorted version of reality going largely unchecked as she isolated from anyone who challenged her. Hildebrandt also gave a brief statement during sentencing. The Frankes’ divorce was initiated by Kevin Franke at Ruby’s directive, as she believed it was the best course of action based on the situation. The case became a public spectacle, shedding light on the abusive behavior happening within the Franke household and the influence of Hildebrandt. Despite the tragic circumstances, the case serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing warning signs of abuse and seeking help when needed.

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