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Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, recently revealed that he has been living in an RV since moving from Michigan to Southern California. He expressed his enjoyment of the RV lifestyle, being just 100 feet away from his offensive coordinator, Greg Roman. Harbaugh, who previously coached the San Francisco 49ers, mentioned that his family accompanied him to the NFL’s annual meeting in Florida and they will be moving into their rental house in California next.

After leading the Michigan Wolverines to a national championship, Harbaugh accepted the Chargers job earlier this year following the departure of Brandon Staley. He has also had coaching stints with the 49ers, where he reached a Super Bowl in the 2012 season. Despite losing to the Ravens, Harbaugh left the team after the 2014 season. His new role with the Chargers has brought him back to the NFL and he seems excited about the opportunity.

Harbaugh praised the simplicity of his Ford Motorcoach and highlighted the benefits of having a quiet space to think and relax. He mentioned that he goes back to the RV during his downtime, emphasizing how great the experience has been for him. Bringing Greg Roman onto his staff as the offensive coordinator was an important move for Harbaugh, as Roman had previously worked with his brother, John, on the Baltimore Ravens.

During his time at the NFL’s annual meeting, Harbaugh addressed the media and shared his positive experiences living in an RV. He described the transition to the RV life as great and expressed his satisfaction with his decision to try something new. As he settles into his new role with the Chargers, Harbaugh seems to be embracing the change and enjoying the flexibility and freedom that comes with living in an RV.

With Harbaugh’s successful track record in college football and previous experience in the NFL, the Chargers are hopeful that he can lead them to a successful season. His coaching style and leadership have been proven effective in the past, and fans are eager to see how he will fare with the Chargers. As Harbaugh continues to adjust to his new surroundings in Southern California, he seems to be making the most of his RV living situation and is looking forward to the upcoming season with his new team.

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