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Jane Fonda hosted an event in Beverly Hills called Art for a Safe and Healthy California to raise funds for the Campaign for Safe and Healthy California, an environmental campaign aimed at protecting neighborhoods from toxic oil drilling. The event brought together hundreds of attendees, including celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, who came out in support of the cause. Fonda explained that big oil companies were planning to spend $200 million to overturn a bill signed by Governor Newsom to protect communities living near oil drilling sites, prompting the need to raise awareness and funds to counter this effort.

Fonda’s idea for an art auction to raise money for the cause gained momentum as artists like Ed Ruscha, Frank Gehry, Catherine Opie, and others donated pieces to be auctioned off. A total of 30 works were donated, with five selling at the event for over $10 million. The campaign funds raised so far amount to $17 million, and additional works will be sold at auction through Christie’s in May. Gagosian will also continue with a selling exhibition this summer to further support the cause. The event featured a VIP rooftop reception with champagne and caviar blinis, creating a luxurious atmosphere for guests to enjoy while supporting the important cause.

The event officially kicked off with remarks from gallery owner Larry Gagosian, who joked about charging people to come to his gallery for the event. Fonda was praised by Gagosian as a hardworking woman and a national treasure for her tireless efforts in organizing the fundraiser. The event drew a packed house of supporters, including Maria Shriver, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, and other prominent figures. Speeches were given by Fonda, Nalleli Cobo, Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez, Chris Lehman, Wendy Schmidt, Greg Sarris, and Chrissy Teigen, leading up to a performance by John Legend who sang several songs as a tribute to Fonda and her dedication to the cause.

The funds raised from the event will go towards the Campaign for Safe and Healthy California’s efforts to protect communities from the negative impacts of oil drilling. Fonda’s passion and enthusiasm for the cause were evident throughout the event, with Derek Blasberg noting that her energy was contagious and instrumental in securing support from artists and attendees. The success of the fundraiser demonstrates the power of art and celebrity influence in raising awareness and funds for important causes. The event highlighted the importance of coming together to support environmental initiatives and the need to counteract the influence of big oil companies through grassroots efforts.

Overall, the Art for a Safe and Healthy California event was a success in raising funds and awareness for the Campaign for Safe and Healthy California. The art auction featuring works donated by renowned artists helped to generate significant contributions towards the cause, with more fundraising events planned for the future. The event brought together a diverse group of attendees, from celebrities to activists, all united in their support for protecting communities from the harmful effects of oil drilling. Fonda’s dedication and hard work were key factors in the event’s success, showcasing the power of individuals to make a difference through grassroots activism and fundraising initiatives.

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