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Rachel Koggan made the decision to leave New York City in 2021 and settle in Miami, Florida. Being the VP of Media Relations at M Booth, she wanted a change and also desired to be closer to her parents who live an hour away from Miami. Falling in love with the weather, vibes, people, and culture of Florida, Koggan found a one-bedroom apartment above the Brickell City Centre shopping mall online. Despite not touring the property in person, she was confident in her decision based on research and photos.

The 1,200-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment was initially listed at $3,100 a month, but Koggan offered $3,350 to secure the space amongst numerous applications. Her rent increased to $4,200 in the second year but was successfully negotiated back down to $4,150 in the third year. This rent was higher than what she had paid in New York City, but she understood the increase was justified given the larger space she now called home. Upfront costs included two security deposits, one month’s rent, and a $500 pet fee, making a total of $10,050.

As a resident of Brickell City Centre, Koggan discovered the convenience of direct access to the mall from her building, which has become her favorite feature and a source of joy and entertainment. Residents enjoy additional perks such as invitations to exclusive events like happy hours and workout classes, further enhancing the luxury living experience. Koggan admits to initial excessive shopping habits, which have since been reigned in, allowing her to enjoy a healthier relationship with shopping without overspending.

Koggan’s apartment boasts amenities like a balcony, in-unit washer and dryer, and a master bathroom with a dual-basin sink. The luxury building offers residents access to a spa, gym, multiple pools, shared outdoor space, and a walk-in closet within the unit. With a monthly utility bill of $114, Koggan appreciates the comfort and convenience her apartment provides. As she plans to renew her lease, she will assess the fairness of the rent compared to comps in the building, willing to pay up to $4,300 to stay in her current unit.

Having found immense happiness in Miami compared to her time in New York, Koggan plans to continue living in Brickell City Centre. She values the vacation-like atmosphere and joyful energy of the residents in Miami, leading her to feel as though she is constantly on vacation herself. Despite the higher cost of living in Florida, Koggan remains content and satisfied with her decision to move, prioritizing her happiness and quality of life over financial considerations.

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