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Employers are increasingly prioritizing artificial intelligence (AI) skills in their workforce, with nearly half of high-level executives actively upskilling and training employees in AI according to a Deloitte survey. Likewise, 44% of executives are currently hiring for AI-related roles. Generative AI skills are particularly in demand, with job search site Indeed ranking it as the highest paid tech skill. Jobs that require generative AI skills offer a 47% higher salary compared to other tech skills. The interest in AI-related jobs is evident with a 4,000% increase in searches for generative AI jobs on Indeed in the last year.

To gain generative AI skills, individuals can pursue various avenues such as enrolling in online courses, attending boot camps, or participating in training programs tailored to AI development. Many colleges, universities, and companies like Google and Udemy offer AI courses. Individuals can also utilize resources offered by their current employers to upskill. Networking with co-workers and peers can also provide valuable insights into new tools, trainings, and upskilling opportunities. Employers may be looking for AI experts to build AI tools for their business, or individuals who are proficient in using generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot to streamline administrative tasks.

Job titles that include generative AI skills, such as machine learning engineer and software engineer, have an average salary potential of $174,727. Some employers may require expertise in building AI tools, while others may simply need individuals who can effectively utilize generative AI tools to enhance efficiency in tasks like image creation. Fiverr experts offering generative AI services can charge up to $300 per project. With the increasing demand for AI skills in the workforce, individuals with generative AI expertise are well-positioned to command competitive salaries and secure fulfilling job opportunities.

Employers are actively hiring for AI roles and upskilling their workforce to meet the growing demand for AI skills. A significant increase in job postings for generative AI roles has been recorded since 2022, indicating a surge in interest in AI-related jobs. Individuals interested in pursuing generative AI skills can take advantage of various resources available, including online courses, training programs, and networking opportunities. Employers are looking for AI experts who can build AI tools for their business, as well as individuals who can effectively use generative AI tools to improve efficiency in tasks like image creation. With the right skills and training, individuals can secure high-paying jobs in the AI field and thrive in the age of AI.

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