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The first paragraph discusses the highlights and upsets from the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, including unexpected wins and standout performances. It also mentions the upcoming games and the need for two apps, costing $22 per month combined, to stream every game of the tournament. The paragraph sets the tone for the excitement and unpredictability of March Madness.

The second paragraph details how viewers can watch or stream March Madness using various channels like CBS, TBS, TNT, and TruTV. It explains the affordable option of signing up for two streaming services, Max and Paramount Plus with Showtime, to watch all the games live. The paragraph emphasizes the need to juggle between apps but highlights the cost-effective strategy for streaming the tournament.

The third paragraph delves into the details of the Max streaming service, costing $10 a month, which broadcasts games on TBS, TNT, and TruTV. It also mentions the Warner Bros. Discovery’s delay in charging customers for the B/R Sports add-on for live sports. This paragraph focuses on the affordability and coverage provided by the Max service for March Madness viewers.

The fourth paragraph highlights the need for the premium Paramount Plus with Showtime plan, costing $12 a month, to livestream games broadcast on CBS. It mentions the games schedule and the need to upgrade to this plan for viewers wanting to watch games on CBS. The paragraph provides essential information for viewers wishing to access all the games of the tournament.

The fifth paragraph discusses the devices compatible with streaming March Madness, including smartphones, tablets, streaming platforms, and gaming consoles. It also mentions the option to stream games for free through the NCAA’s March Madness Live site or app, albeit with limitations for non-subscribers. The paragraph offers insights into the accessibility and restrictions of streaming the tournament.

The final paragraph compares the top live TV streaming services for March Madness, focusing on affordability, channel availability, and features like multi-view capability. It discusses services like YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Directv Stream, and Sling TV, highlighting their pricing and channel offerings. The paragraph provides recommendations based on the services’ features and costs, helping viewers make informed decisions for streaming the tournament.

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