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House Republicans are focusing on passing bills targeting Iran and showing support for Israel in the wake of Iran’s retaliatory strikes on Israel. However, the exact path forward for aid to Israel remains unclear as Congress remains divided on the issue. Democrats are urging Speaker Mike Johnson to bring up a Senate-passed foreign aid package that includes aid to Israel and Ukraine, while hardline conservatives are warning against attaching Ukraine funding to any Israel aid package. Johnson has not yet responded to questions on how Congress will respond to Iran’s attack.

The House Republicans announced plans to take up a series of pro-Israel and anti-Iran bills, including a measure condemning the Iran attack and affirming support for Israel’s right to respond to Iranian aggression. Johnson has indicated that some form of Israel aid bill will be put on the floor, but the details are still being finalized. The House GOP Conference will meet to discuss the Iran-Israel situation and their legislative plans moving forward. Johnson stated that the Republican Party understands the importance of standing with Israel and that they are working on finalizing the details of the aid package.

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries is urging the immediate passage of the foreign aid package that was passed by the Senate. The recent events in the Middle East and Eastern Europe highlight the need for Congress to act quickly. The Senate’s bill includes aid to Ukraine, Israel, and other priorities. In November, the House passed a bill providing aid to Israel, but Democrats objected to the lack of aid for Ukraine and funding cuts to the Internal Revenue Service. A significant number of House Republicans are opposed to providing further aid to Ukraine, leading to division within the party.

Johnson is facing a potential threat to his speakership as GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a motion against him, which could lead to a vote on his ouster. Johnson referred to Greene’s actions as a distraction and emphasized the importance of unity within the party to achieve their goals. He emphasized the need to focus on growing the House majority, winning the Senate, and regaining the White House for President Trump to safeguard the republic. The issue of aid to Israel and Ukraine remains a contentious issue within Congress, further complicating the political landscape and leadership dynamics. Content Summary:
House Republicans aligning with bills to target Iran and show support for Israel, unclear path forward for aid to Israel in wake of Iran’s strikes, Democratic efforts urging for Senate-passed aid package including Israel and Ukraine aid, hardline conservatives caution against attaching Ukraine funding. Republicans to take up pro-Israel and anti-Iran bills condemning attack and affirming support for Israel, Speaker Mike Johnson indicating Israel aid bill on floor with details being finalized, House GOP conference to discuss Iran-Israel situation and legislative plans. Democratic Leader urging immediate passage of Senate-approved aid package with focus on national security in Middle East and Eastern Europe. Differences between House and Senate bills regarding aid to Israel and Ukraine creating division among House Republicans, Johnson under threat of potential ouster motion filed by Rep. Greene, calling it a distraction and emphasizing unity within party. Emphasizing importance of growing House majority, winning Senate, and regaining White House to safeguard republic amid aid debate and leadership dynamics.

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