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Season 10 of Overwatch 2 brings back the exciting addition of free heroes, alongside the usual seasonal content and a few extras. After significant changes in season 9, season 10 launched on April 16 with a focus on providing new and returning players with a fresh experience. The introduction of a new hero, Venture, adds a dynamic element to the game with unique abilities and an ultimate ability that can deal major damage to enemies. Venture is immediately available in competitive mode, allowing players to jump in and try out the new hero right away.

One of the major changes in season 10 is the freedom of new heroes from battle pass constraints. Previously, new heroes were locked behind battle passes, but starting in season 10, new heroes are immediately available to all players without the need for a battle pass. This change eliminates a point of friction for returning players and makes it easier for new players to explore the game. Additionally, players now have the ability to unlock mythic skins from any season using mythic prisms, which can be earned in the premium battle pass or purchased separately from the store.

A new game mode trial called Clash is available for the first two weeks of the season, offering players a chance to experience a unique tug-of-war style mode with strategic capture points. This mode combines elements of Flashpoint and Push game modes, providing fast-paced and frantic gameplay with less downtime. Clash will be available until April 29 and will be added to the map rotation in future seasons. The season also introduces the Mirrorwatch theme, where the heroes of Overwatch and the villains of Talon have switched sides, leading to alternate universe battles with unique skins and limited-time events.

In response to player feedback, Overwatch 2 introduces grouping changes in competitive play, allowing players to queue for matches regardless of their ranks. Players can now group with friends of varying ranks, with the system categorizing groups as narrow or wide based on the rank disparity. Wide groups will face longer queue times and lower rank gains, with the matchmaker attempting to match wide groups against other wide groups. This change aims to provide a more inclusive and balanced competitive experience for players of all ranks.

Overall, season 10 of Overwatch 2 offers a range of new content and features that cater to both new and returning players. The introduction of Venture as a new hero, the freedom of new heroes from battle pass constraints, the ability to unlock mythic skins from any season, and the new game mode trial Clash all contribute to a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. The Mirrorwatch theme adds a unique twist to the game, with alternate universe battles and limited-time events that provide players with additional challenges and rewards. Competitive grouping changes aim to improve the matchmaking experience and cater to players of all ranks, making Overwatch 2 more accessible and enjoyable for all.

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