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Germany will be implementing border controls at all its frontiers during soccer’s European Championship in June and July. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser stated that these checks are necessary to prevent possible violent criminals from entering the country in order to protect the major international event. The focus will be on protecting against Islamic and other extremists, hooligans, securing networks against cyberattacks, and ensuring the safety of the tournament.

The decision to restore border checks during the soccer tournament had been anticipated and is a standard practice for countries in Europe’s Schengen area during major sporting events and summits. Germany is already conducting checks on its eastern and southern borders with concerns over migration. The European Championship will kick off on June 14 with host Germany playing Scotland in Munich, with the final scheduled to take place in Berlin on July 14.

Following the recent attack on a suburban Moscow concert hall claimed by an affiliate of the Islamic State group, Italy also heightened security measures. However, Faeser’s ministry stated that although the threat from Islamic extremists remains high, there have been no changes to the German authorities’ risk assessment in response to the attack. Authorities are keen on ensuring the safety and security of the tournament and those attending, including protection against possible threats and cyberattacks.

With concerns over possible violent criminals entering the country, Germany emphasizes the need for stringent border controls during the European Championship. The aim is to protect the major international event and prevent incidents involving Islamic and other extremists, hooligans, and cyberattacks. Such measures have become common practice during big sports events and major summits in Europe’s Schengen area.

In light of the recent Moscow attack, Italy intensified security measures following France’s lead. Although the threat from Islamic extremists remains a concern, German authorities have not adjusted their risk assessment as a result of the attack. The focus remains on maintaining the safety and security of the tournament, players, and spectators, with measures in place to prevent any potential threats or disruptions.

The European Championship is set to be a significant sporting event, with Germany hosting matches and the final. With Germany enforcing border controls, conducting checks, and stepping up security measures, it aims to ensure the smooth running of the tournament and the safety of all participants. These proactive measures are essential to prevent any unforeseen incidents and to safeguard the integrity of the competition.

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