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A 28-year-old professional from New York City shared a savvy tech strategy on TikTok that allows job seekers to find job opportunities within the first 24 hours of their listing. In a video with over 1 million views, Marni revealed a Google search method that helps applicants quickly find job postings, potentially giving them an edge in a competitive job market. By using specific search terms like site:greenhouse |, job seekers can narrow down the search results to only show job postings from websites that companies use to post openings. Adding the job title and location further refines the search to only show relevant listings.

“My profession is in tech and coding, so putting code in the search bar made a lot of sense,” Marni explained in the video. By utilizing Google search tools, job seekers can create a search query that filters out irrelevant results and shows only the job listings they are interested in. By adding terms like “remote” or specifying the time frame for when the job was posted, applicants can ensure they are among the first to apply for new job openings. Marni emphasized the importance of being able to find the right job listings quickly and apply in a timely manner to increase the chances of landing a job.

In a follow-up video, Marni provided a tutorial on how to use the search hack to find job listings, and the response from job seekers was overwhelmingly positive. Many users expressed their gratitude for the helpful tip, with comments like “This is so helpful, thank you” and “God send, thank you.” Marni was pleased to see how many people benefited from her simple Google search strategy and emphasized the importance of helping each other out in a competitive job market. The video’s success highlighted the value of sharing insider tips and tricks to support job seekers in finding employment opportunities.

Newsweek, known for challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground, covered Marni’s viral video and the impact it had on job seekers. By sharing her tech-savvy job search strategy, Marni not only helped job seekers navigate the competitive job market but also demonstrated the power of leveraging technology to increase efficiency in the job search process. The positive response from viewers and the widespread dissemination of the video showcased the value of sharing insider tips and tricks to support others in achieving their career goals.

Marni’s viral video on TikTok serves as a prime example of how technology and innovative search methods can be utilized to gain a competitive edge in the job market. By sharing her Google search hack for finding job listings quickly, Marni empowered job seekers to take control of their job search process and increase their chances of landing relevant opportunities. The video’s success not only highlighted the impact of insider tips on social media platforms but also underscored the importance of helping others navigate the challenges of finding job opportunities in a competitive environment. Marni’s willingness to share her knowledge and expertise exemplified the spirit of community and support among job seekers striving to achieve their career goals.

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