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In a conversation with Luc Dammann, President EMEA at Adobe about a year ago, it was revealed that consumers expect better brand experiences during challenging economic conditions. Consumers become more discerning about their spending habits during such times, seeking lower prices and better experiences while also emphasizing responsible and sustainable practices from brands. As Adobe Summit took place in Las Vegas last week, Dammann reiterated that brands are still struggling with meeting consumer expectations in a digital-first environment with uncertain macro conditions. Consumers remain sensitive to how brands utilize technology responsibly, particularly with generative AI becoming more prevalent.

Despite the challenges, newly released research from Adobe indicates a significant shift in consumer attitudes towards generative AI over the past year. The Age of Generative AI research, conducted with 2,000 UK consumers, shows that nearly three-quarters of respondents have incorporated generative AI into their personal lives. This adoption of generative AI suggests that consumers are not only accepting but embracing this technology as a part of their everyday routines. The research indicates that consumers believe generative AI has the potential to improve customer experiences across various sectors, such as online shopping, customer service, and personalization.

The research findings shed light on how generative AI is expected to impact customer experience in the future. A majority of retail shoppers noted that generative AI has enhanced their online shopping experiences, while nearly half said they would be more likely to purchase from brands utilizing generative AI. Additionally, a significant portion of consumers believe that generative AI will result in faster and better customer service, lower prices for products and services, and more personalized interactions based on their preferences. These findings underscore that consumers recognize the benefits of generative AI and are adjusting their expectations accordingly.

The research presents a clear message to brands that harnessing the power and potential of generative AI is essential to enhancing customer service and experiences. Brands must adapt to consumer expectations and leverage generative AI to stay competitive in the market. Failing to do so could jeopardize relationships with customers and potentially lead to loss of business. The findings from Adobe’s research highlight the importance for brands to prioritize generative AI in their strategies to meet consumer demands for improved experiences and differentiated services. As consumer attitudes towards technology continue to evolve, brands must stay nimble to deliver on these expectations and maintain strong customer connections in an increasingly digital landscape.

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