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House of Horrors: An Idaho student’s former roommate recently broke her silence, shedding light on a chilling and disturbing living situation. The details of what exactly occurred in this house of horrors remain unclear, but the breaking of this silence has raised many questions and concerns among the public.

Missing in Madrid: The case of a Florida woman who was last seen overseas in February has seen a recent arrest. The mysterious disappearance of this woman has left many wondering what truly happened to her while she was abroad. The arrest in this case has brought some hope for answers to be finally revealed.

Follow the Fox True Crime Team: The XLady in the Box case involves a husband who was convicted in his first wife’s killing but was let off in his second wife’s disappearance. This mind-boggling case has captured the attention of many as they try to understand how justice could have been so elusive in this situation.

Karen Read Trial: Dashcam footage has emerged from the night of a cop boyfriend’s death, shedding new light on the events leading up to his tragic demise. The trial surrounding this case has been highly publicized, with many eager to see justice served for the fallen officer.

Sign Up to Get True Crime Newsletter: Prayers were answered for the family of a murder victim who was last seen talking to a man in a white pickup truck back in 1991. The closure in this case has brought some relief to those who have been seeking answers for decades.

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