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Former NFL player A.J. Francis has successfully transitioned to professional wrestling, competing in WWE before joining Major League Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action. As a former WWE competitor, Francis acknowledged the company’s ability to attract big-name celebrities to their events, such as Lawrence Taylor, Rob Gronkowski, and George Kittle. Current WWE star The Miz even suggested that Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce could potentially take part in WrestleMania 40 at Lincoln Financial Field. However, Francis warned that the grueling lifestyle of a full-time professional wrestler, involving constant travel and performances, may not be suitable for football players used to a different schedule and level of physical exertion.

Despite the possibility of NFL players like Kelce making appearances in WWE events, Francis emphasized the demanding nature of the pro wrestling lifestyle, which requires a deep love and commitment to the sport. He explained that as a wrestler, he is frequently on the road, performing multiple shows each week, leaving little time for rest or normalcy. While Kelce and other athletes may possess the physical capabilities to participate in a wrestling match, it takes a different level of dedication to sustain a career in the industry. Francis expressed admiration for those who truly embrace the challenges and rewards of being a professional wrestler.

Although NFL stars like Kelce have demonstrated charisma and public speaking skills, there is no guarantee that they would commit to the rigorous demands of the WWE schedule beyond one-off appearances. While they may excel in scripted promos and entertaining performances, the day-to-day grind of training, traveling, and performing in the wrestling world can be overwhelming for those unaccustomed to it. Francis highlighted the necessity of loving the wrestling lifestyle and being willing to make sacrifices in order to succeed in the industry, suggesting that many athletes may not fully understand the challenges they would face as professional wrestlers.

In the midst of speculation about potential NFL crossovers into WWE, Francis remains focused on his own wrestling career, preparing for a match against Alex Kane at Major League Wrestling’s War Chamber event in Tampa, Florida. His experience as a former NFL player turned professional wrestler offers a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of transitioning between sports and industries. While the allure of the wrestling world may attract athletes from other disciplines, Francis’s insights into the demanding nature of the lifestyle serve as a cautionary reminder that success in pro wrestling requires a deep love and commitment to the craft.

As the wrestling world continues to evolve and attract attention from athletes in other sports, the conversation around potential crossover events and appearances will likely persist. While the excitement of seeing NFL stars like Kelce in a WWE ring may capture fans’ imaginations, the reality of the commitment and sacrifices required to thrive in the professional wrestling industry should not be underestimated. Francis’s journey from the NFL to WWE and beyond serves as a testament to the dedication and resilience needed to succeed in the world of sports entertainment, offering valuable insights for those considering similar career transitions.

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