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Nibiru Chain, a Layer 1 blockchain project backed by HashKey and Kraken Ventures, has announced two senior hires as part of its expansion in Asia. Yura Nam and Nicholas Lo have been appointed as Asia Growth and Asia Business Development leads, respectively. The project aims to cultivate local brand presence and adoption in key Asian regions, including Korea, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, and Chinese-speaking countries. The team will focus on driving adoption, forging strategic partnerships, public relations, marketing engagements, community management, business development, and developer relations. They will also be hiring local community leads in each country.

The Asia team at Nibiru Chain is focused on expanding its presence in the region by working closely with local players such as builders, validators, and media companies. The team is pursuing partnerships and collaborations, as well as engaging with the developer community through grants, hackathons, accelerators, VC funds, and other initiatives. The goal is to establish a strong network of support and adoption for Nibiru Chain in Asia. The team is currently looking to hire Community Growth leads in countries like India, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines to further enhance their presence in the region.

The team at Nibiru Chain believes that the recent hires of Yura Nam and Nicholas Lo are essential for their expansion plans in Asia. Lo, as the Asia Business Development lead, will focus on establishing Nibiru’s presence in key APAC markets by building relationships with major protocols, ecosystem dapps, gaming companies, financial institutions, and local partners. Nam, on the other hand, will bring her seven years of experience in the financial services industry to navigate the complexities of the Asia market. Both hires are expected to leverage their industry connections and regional cultural insights to drive growth and partnerships for Nibiru Chain in Asia.

Nibiru Chain came out of stealth in late 2022 and has since seen dozens of projects building on its platform across various sectors like RWAs, gaming, and DeFi. In April 2023, the project raised $8.5 million in seed funding at a $100 million valuation. The funding round was led by Tribe Capital, Republic Capital, NGC Ventures, and Original Capital, with participation from several other investors. The project has been gaining traction and support in the industry, with a focus on expanding its presence in Asia and driving adoption of its Layer 1 blockchain in key markets across the region.

The team at Nibiru Chain is focused on incorporating best practices for go-to-market strategies in Asia, leveraging the track record of relationship building and execution of their new hires. Both Yura Nam and Nicholas Lo will play a crucial role in leading events, partnerships, and growth initiatives for the project in the region. With their experience and industry connections, the team is confident in their ability to navigate the complexities of the Asia market and drive adoption and partnerships for Nibiru Chain. The project is well-positioned for further growth and success in the coming months as it continues to expand its presence in key Asian markets.

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