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42-year-old Jermaine Greene, who was on parole for a Delaware murder, was arrested in the Bronx for trying to slip through an emergency exit at a subway station. Police found him carrying a loaded ghost gun and a quantity of crack cocaine. Chief of Transit Michael Kemper highlighted this case as an example of the importance of fare evasion enforcement and subway safety. Greene was hit with multiple weapon possession and drug-related charges, as well as a fare evasion offense and criminal trespass. He has a history of prior arrests for drug offenses, assault, and robbery, and served time for a robbery conviction in the past.

Greene’s criminal record dates back to a Bronx robbery conviction in 1999, for which he served four-and-a-half years behind bars. Since his release on parole in 2003, he has accumulated additional arrests. Details about his Delaware murder conviction, for which his parole will expire in 2026, were not immediately available. Following his recent arrest, Kemper emphasized the NYPD’s commitment to subway safety and cracking down on lawlessness at the turnstiles. The NYPD recently announced plans to increase police presence in the subway system to combat fare evasion and violent crime.

Several other incidents of alleged subway criminals using emergency exits have been reported. Dajuan Robinson, who was involved in a violent altercation on an A train, was seen entering the subway through an emergency gate. Another career criminal used Mace on NYPD officers after being caught trying to evade a fare through an emergency exit in East Harlem. Emmanuel Solcio, with over 20 prior arrests, was caught entering a subway station through the emergency exit and also used Mace on officers. These incidents underscore the challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining subway safety and preventing disorder at entry points.

The NYPD’s efforts to stop fare evasion and keep dangerous individuals out of the subways are part of its broader public safety strategy. Chief Kemper emphasized the importance of preventing lawlessness at fare gates and ensuring subway safety for all passengers. Through a combination of traditional policing methods and the use of innovative technology, the NYPD is dedicated to maintaining a secure environment in the subway system. New Yorkers are demanding effective measures to address crime and disorder in subways, and the NYPD is committed to meeting those expectations for the safety and well-being of the public.

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