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A SWAT team raided rapper Sean Kingston’s rented South Florida mansion and arrested his mother, Janice Turner, on fraud and theft charges related to the installation of a massive TV at the home. Turner, 61, was taken into custody at the 14,000-square foot home in a well-off Fort Lauderdale suburb. It is unclear whether Kingston, 34, is also a target in the investigation, as the details of the charges have not been released by the Broward County sheriff’s office. Turner previously served time in prison for bank fraud in 2006.

Kingston, whose real name is Kisean Anderson, is currently on two-years probation for trafficking stolen property. Reports indicate that he was not present during the raid on his home, which was surrounded by expensive sports cars. The Jamaican-American rapper gained fame with his 2007 hit single “Beautiful Girls” and collaborations with artists like Justin Bieber. He has not released new music through a major label in over a decade.

An attorney involved in the case against Kingston claims that the fraud and theft charges against Turner are related to a lawsuit filed in February. The lawsuit accuses Kingston of defrauding a Florida company that installed a 232-inch television in his home. Kingston reportedly promised to do commercials for the company, named Ver Ver Entertainment, in exchange for credit and a lower down payment. However, no further payments or commercials were made by Kingston, leading to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that Kingston no longer has a working relationship with Bieber, who had been mentioned in connection to the TV installation deal. Bieber’s representatives have not commented on the situation, but the attorney representing the Florida company stated that Bieber is not involved in the case. The attorney also criticized Kingston’s “larger than life” persona and alleged that his mother was complicit in his fraudulent activities. Kingston posted on Instagram saying that he and his mother are fine and that his lawyers are handling the situation.

The investigation into Turner’s alleged fraud and theft activities is ongoing, and the Broward County sheriff’s office has not disclosed further details about the case. Kingston has not released any new music in recent years and has mostly remained out of the spotlight since his near-fatal jet ski accident in 2011. The rapper’s legal troubles add to his previous criminal record and raise questions about his involvement in fraudulent schemes. It remains unclear how these recent developments will impact his career and reputation in the music industry.

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