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A man named Doujon Griffiths was arrested in New Jersey for the fatal shooting of a woman named Massania Malcolm and her one-year-old daughter, Jordania Reid, who was found dead in a hot car with her mother’s body. Griffiths is also facing attempted murder charges for shooting Jordane Reid, Malcolm’s boyfriend and Jordania’s father. The shootings occurred outside Malcolm’s Orlando apartment building on September 7, 2021, and the bodies were discovered two days later in Reid’s car. Malcolm and Jordania were found shot to death, with Jordane Reid surviving his injuries.

Before the shootings, Griffiths had been living with Malcolm and Reid, and Malcolm had expressed dissatisfaction with his lack of contribution to rent and household expenses. On September 7, Malcolm told Griffiths she wanted him to leave, and Reid agreed to drive Griffiths to a bus station. While in the car with Malcolm and the baby, Griffiths allegedly shot at Reid as he was driving away, fatally shooting Malcolm and driving with the others in the car. Griffiths is accused of killing Malcolm inside the vehicle, driving to a different location and leaving her body and the baby there. A medical examiner determined that Malcolm died from gunshot wounds, while Jordania is believed to have died from heat exhaustion.

After the shootings, a neighbor found Reid with gunshot wounds and called 911. Reid, who had undergone surgery, managed to write Griffiths’ name and confirm that Malcolm had also been shot. Law enforcement located Reid’s car, where Malcolm and the baby were found dead, a mile away from Malcolm’s apartment complex. The car’s air conditioning was turned off, and Griffiths left Jordania Reid inside the vehicle without assistance, knowing she had no means of escape. Griffiths was eventually arrested in Linden, New Jersey, and will be extradited to Orange County to face murder and attempted murder charges.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has not provided a timeline for Griffiths’ extradition, and it is unclear whether he has obtained legal representation. The case has shocked the community and law enforcement officials, who have described the crime as truly evil and indicated that the perpetrator will face consequences for his actions. Investigators believe Griffiths shot and killed Malcolm in the car before leaving her body and the baby in a different parking lot. Reid’s injuries, while serious, were not fatal, and he has since recovered from the incident. The tragic deaths of Malcolm and Jordania Reid have left the community grieving and seeking justice for their senseless killings.

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