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The Federal Election Commission recently fined the Senate campaign for Senator Mike Braun, a Republican from Indiana, $159,000 for failing to correctly disclose millions of dollars in 2018. The fine was unanimously approved by the FEC’s six commissioners after finding that Braun’s campaign incorrectly disclosed financial information for 29 transactions totaling over $11.5 million.

Braun’s campaign claimed that the mistakes were “technical in nature” and were caused by their former treasurer who had access to documents to properly report the loans. Braun himself did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter. The fine is the second-largest imposed by the FEC on a senatorial campaign, with the largest being a $171,000 fine imposed on Jim Treffinger’s failed campaign for a New Jersey Senate seat in 2006.

Ellen Weintraub, the FEC’s vice chair, criticized the commissioners’ ruling for not addressing over $734,000 in excessive contributions to Braun’s campaign that were discovered in an earlier audit. She expressed concern that her colleagues would have voted against penalties for illegal contributions, stating that the issue was not fully addressed by the fine or audit. Brett Kappel, a campaign finance lawyer, also noted that the questions about illegal contributions to Braun’s campaign may never be fully answered now that he is running for governor.

In 2021, the FEC accused Braun’s senatorial campaign of accepting millions of dollars in potentially improper loans in 2018. Despite claims from the campaign that the loans and contributions were legal, some Indiana Democrats alleged that Braun “cheated his way to victory” in defeating Democratic incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly. A subsequent audit by the FEC in 2022 found that Braun had overstated the amount his campaign spent and received by more than $6 million each, attributing the discrepancies to minor reporting and clerical issues stemming from the negligence of a former campaign treasurer.

As Braun is one of six GOP candidates in Indiana’s upcoming gubernatorial election, this fine and the previous accusations of finance violations may impact his campaign. The ongoing scrutiny of his campaign’s financial practices has raised concerns about transparency and compliance with federal election laws. While Braun’s campaign has maintained that their actions were legal and in accordance with regulations, the repeated instances of financial reporting errors cast a shadow over his political career. It remains to be seen how this issue will affect Braun’s gubernatorial bid and whether voters will take these violations into consideration when casting their ballots.

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