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The father of Levion Parker, a 20-year-old passenger who jumped off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, believes his son is still alive nearly a week after the incident. Francel Parker, Levion’s father, stated that he prayed over his son after he jumped and believes that he is alive. Despite the US Coast Guard calling off the search for Levion, his father remains convinced that his son is still out there, as Levion is a skilled diver and fisherman.

Levion allegedly jumped off the cruise ship after an argument with his father, witnessed by his younger brother and other passengers. However, Francel denies that they were arguing or that Levion was attempting to take his own life. He also questions how his son was served alcohol on the cruise, as they are a family that does not drink. Another passenger who witnessed the incident stated that Levion’s father was scolding him for being drunk right before he jumped.

Witnesses described the chaos and horror that followed Levion’s jump, with the crew being alerted, and his family being distraught. Francel threw life rings off the ship in an attempt to save his son before the ship came to a stop, and search boats were launched to look for Levion. The incident has raised questions about safety measures on cruise ships, with data showing that hundreds of people have gone overboard on major cruise lines between 2000 and 2024, and only about 40% of those individuals were rescued.

The incident has led to a search and rescue operation by the Coast Guard, with Royal Caribbean also aiding in the search for Levion. Francel remains hopeful that his son is still alive, based on his belief and the skills that Levion possesses. The incident has raised awareness about the dangers of alcohol consumption on cruise ships, as well as the importance of safety protocols and procedures in emergency situations on board.

The story of Levion Parker’s jump off the cruise ship has captured attention due to the dramatic circumstances surrounding the incident. However, it also highlights the need for better safety measures on cruise ships and the risks associated with alcohol consumption. Francel Parker’s unwavering belief in his son’s survival is a testament to the strength of a father’s love, as he continues to search for answers and hope for the safe return of Levion. The search for Levion and the questions surrounding the circumstances of his jump serve as a reminder of the potential dangers of cruise ship travel and the importance of being vigilant in emergency situations.

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