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Darlene Weber and her children, Jacob Vollman and Cathy Gilfillan, were attacked by Christian Soto in a stabbing spree in Rockford, Illinois. Soto killed four people and injured seven others, including Weber and her kids. Weber credited her son, Vollman, for saving their lives by fighting off the attacker when he entered their home. Soto was arrested on charges of murder, attempted murder, and home invasion. He admitted to the crimes and claimed he had taken marijuana laced with an unknown narcotic before the attacks.

Weber described the terrifying attack in which Soto stabbed her in the face while she was outside with her dog. She managed to escape with the help of her pit bull, Brandy, who bit the attacker. Vollman then confronted the man as Weber called 911, engaging in a physical altercation. The attacker also targeted Gilfillan, who had just woken up to the chaos in the house. Thanks to Vollman’s intervention, the family was able to prevent further harm until police arrived.

Vollman and Gilfillan described the attacker as having a menacing presence, with Vollman noting his big smile and vacant eyes. Weber compared him to the devil incarnate, with blood covering his clothes and a chilling aura. Despite the trauma of the attack, the family is determined not to let fear control their lives, although they no longer feel safe in their neighborhood. They are grieving for the innocent lives lost during Soto’s rampage.

The tragedy claimed the lives of Jacob Schupbach, Ramona Schupbach, Jay Larson, and Jenna Newcomb, who heroically sacrificed herself to save her younger sister. Soto confessed to police that he had smoked marijuana laced with a substance that made him paranoid, leading to the violent outburst. He used a knife to stab Jacob and Ramona to death at their home. The senseless violence has shaken the community and left survivors grappling with guilt and trauma in the aftermath.

The survivors expressed gratitude for Vollman’s bravery in confronting the attacker and protecting his family during the harrowing ordeal. Weber described him as her knight in shining armor, recognizing the remarkable courage he displayed in the face of danger. Despite the emotional toll of the attack, the family is determined to move past the trauma and rebuild their lives, honoring the memory of the victims while seeking justice for the senseless violence that shattered their peace. The road to recovery will be long, but they are determined to face it together as a resilient unit.

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